It has always been quite complicated with file size and dimension on iPhone and Mac. Whereas, most of the time, we didn’t feel able to find the correct size based on our requirements, so today, we will share a bit of knowledge to help you reduce the picture on your iPhone and Mac.

How to Reduce Photo Files Size in Mac

It is quite easy. Follow the following steps mentioned down below.

  • The open image on Mac using Preview.
  • Click on Tool and Select Adjust Size.
  • There you will find, Resample Image and then Type the Value you want for your image.
  • Therefore, you can view the final resolution that appears on the bottom of the detail preview panel.
  • That’s it. Once you have done it, click ok to save the change.

How to Reduce Photo File Size In iPhone

Apple didn’t include a pre-build feature on iPhone, but still, you can reduce using third-party service. So, here is the guide that will help you out with reducing image size on iPhone and Mac.

Send an image to yourself using email.

Sending yourself the image can help you reduce the file size, and using this function can be quite useful so far.

  • Open Image on your iPhone and then click on share.
  • Select Mail, and then it will show you the Small, medium, and large option.
  • Select accordingly, and then type your email into the address bar.
  • That’s, once you selected, confirm and send an email to yourself.

Using Whatsapp

We all know that Whatsapp uses a Unique compression tool that will help you to reduce the file size. So, you can send the image with Whatsapp and then using this utility, and you come up with reduce image size.

Use third-party tool

There were multiple services, which include online and offline solution. In the case above, the method doesn’t help, and you can use third-party apps, websites, or any other service to reduce the file size. Meanwhile, you can find a photo compression website for free and also, for bulk photo compression, a website might have some charges.

Hopefully, this article might help you out with reducing the file size using iPhone or Mac.