Google Authenticator is one of the most important tools that help to secure our account from untrusted sources so far. Therefore, if you have purchase new device likely you might though of transfer your Google Authenticator 2FA to your new device. However, it keeps your account quite secure so far using two-factor authentication (2FA) using randomise code to access the account during login the account.

2FA was most secure compare because of alleged SIM Hacking nowadays, and It was quite incredible as far you have a key; hence you can’t simply reinstall and get the keys by login to your account. Likely, you have to transfer the codes to another device application.

Furthermore, there was a lot of different authentication application available on Google play store, and Microsoft has also added their authentication application quite identical, but it has an extra feature as the Cloud backup. These 2FA codes can be generated by the QR code shown through a website. It was quite easy. Today we are going to share a bit of knowledge to help you with transferring the Google authenticator keys from old device to another new device.

How to transfer your authenticator keys on your device

First thing first, you need to be having to an android device to transfer the keys to another device. Not to mention, you can use any 2FA application.

  • First, open your google authenticator on your old device.
  • Then, Click on the triple dot menu placed on the upper right corner of the app and then click “Transfer account.
  • Now, select the “Export account” option and then verify your identity through fingerprint or any method.
  • Then, select the account that you want to export and then click “Next”.
  • Now, open the 2FA in your new device and then click on the triple dot menu and select the “Import account”.
  • There through the QR code from the old device scan with the new device to register and you have successfully transferred.
  • That’s it, Enjoy

How to backup and import to new 2FA device

Starting with when you set up any 2FA, you receive backup codes that you can have as a backup. Meanwhile, you could also use those backup codes, and it likely works as a backup for your 2FA account. Not to mention, it to be safe if you have print the backup code or store anywhere else. It was a good alternative to keep the backup file save for your device.

Take a screenshot of a barcode.

There is another way to transfer the 2FA to another device with the help of the screenshot. You can use the same barcode that you have a scan while enabling the 2FA on your device. Therefore, it quite useful to store a QR Code of the 2FA, and later you can be used to scan it on your Google Authenticator on your device.

Hopefully, We believe that you have successfully transferred the 2FA to new device. Thanks for being with us. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more further updates in future on same.