Ubisoft connect is free connect service, which allows getting your Ubisoft game to connect with the server. Whereas, Ubisoft connect, also known as Uplay. Reportedly, some players reported the Ubisoft encounter “Problem Authenticating Ownership” error.

Therefore, it was one of the most common errors and easy to fix. This error most likely appears when the player used to launch the Ubisoft Connect game although steam platform. Also, this error occurs during if the player doesn’t own the access either have not accessed to the game.

How to Fix: Ubisoft Connect “Problem Authenticating Ownership” error – Quick Guide


  • You Ubisoft Connect (UPlay) should be connected with your UPlay account.
  • Ensure, you have stable internet connectivity.

Open your Ubisoft Connect.

Then logout from your login account.

Login to your Ubisoft Connect account.

That’s it, Try again.


If this method isn’t work, then you should get in touch with Ubisoft support. Hopefully, this work and once you get in contact with Ubisoft Connect simply verify your ownership.