Steam is one of the most popular gaming downloading platforms if you are facing any issue with the steam remote play feature. Today, we are going to guide you which helps you to fix Steam Remote Play across your supportable devices such as PC, Tablets, Laptops and smartphone.

This is one of the most unique features as it allows you to play the game with your friends through a local multiplayer setup so far. So without further due, let’s get into this.

First thing first, you need to know that if you are using Steam BETA version then potentially it doesn’t support Remote Play Feature so ensuring using Stabe version alongside stable internet connectivity to run the Steam remote play smoothly. Additionally, make sure you have updated the Steam to the latest version.

How to Fix if Steam Remote Play Not Working

There were multiple methods to fix, so follow the following instruction mention down below.

Does the Concerned Game Support Remote Play

It is important that you have added your friends, so check whether you and your friends have connected/ added to play the game together using the Remote Play feature. You can check the game technical specification under your game profile section. There you will find does your steam remote play support.

Update the Windows OS to the latest version

Steam has updated the basic minimum required to play the remote play feature on windows, so ensure that you have updated the Windows to the latest version.

User stable internet connectivity

Make Sure you are using stable high-speed internet connectivity which supports the steam remote play feature to avoid lag. Not to mention, Mobile Data isn’t enough to support multi-player while playing modern games.

Update Steam Client to the latest version

Steam constantly release the patch so far, to avoid any error or issue make sure you have download and install the Steam Client to the latest version.

How to Disable Hardware Encoding Feature in Steam

It is quite easy, simply disable the hardware encoding to use the remote play feature on your device.

  • Open the Steam Client on your PC and log in with your accounts.
  • Head over to Steam and then Navigate to Settings.
  • Click on Remote Play and open the Advanced Client Option.
  • Now, Click Uncheck the checkbox hardware decoding.
  • That’s it, Confirm and click ok.

Update Graphics Driver to the latest version

You must update your GPU driver to the latest version, Simply head over to your GPU manufacture website and download/ update to install the latest version so far.

Disable IPV6 on Computer

If you still facing any problem, then simply try to disable the IPV6 on your computer.

  • Open the Run dialogue box (Use Win + R).
  • Type ncpa.cpl and hit enter.
  • Now, it will redirect you to the network connections.
  • From there, go to networking tap and from there go to internet protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6).
  • Just uncheck the checkbox and hit ok to confirm.
  • That’s it, Simply Restart your PC to apply the settings you make.

Reinstall Steam

If you have applied all changes from this guide and still facing the problem then you should try to reinstall the steam so far. It might help you to fix the problem by reinstalling.

  • Open the Control panel and go to program and feature.
  • Now, Click Steam Client and uninstall it.
  • That’s it, Go to steam and download the Steam Client latest version on windows.

Once you have done, simply check for friends and try again. Hopefully, this guide helps you and you have fixed the problem that causing remote play error so far.