Diablo 2 is a classic game, release 20 years earlier. The game in its era was one of the best PC games. However, the game doesn’t require a High-End PC to run this game, but for some reason, the Diablo 2 players have encountered the code 1 error.

Most likely, this error occurs because of unsupported graphics. You can easily fix this error. Here is the guide that can potentially help you resolve the diablo 2 error code 1. Without further ado, let’s check this out.

Fix: Diablo 2 Error Code 1 – Unsupported Graphics Card

Blizzcon is officially confirmed. They are working on Remaster edition Diablo II: Resurrected. Which will be available on PS5, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Seris X|S, and on PC. But they have not shared the official timeline for the release of the game.

The various factors behind the game are not working, Which includes an unsupported graphics card on Windows 10. We have mentioned some of the error mentions down below

  • Game’s Old Age
    • Because the game has been launched 20 years earlier, hence it is possible that there could be a game’s resolution.
  • .Missing Admin privileges
    • Lack of permission with your game file.
  • Windows 10 incompatibility
    • The game was developed for the older version of Windows. Hence Windows 10 might not support the game.
  • GPU Doesn’t support the default Resolution
    • Diablo 2 game designed with low-resolution to support older GPU, instead Modern GPU execute the game with 640x480p or 800x600p.

So let’s take a closer look through which you can fix this error with your game. Follow the following instructions mention down below.

Run Diablo 2 with Admin Access

You need to allow the game to access your resource to run the game. Here is how you can allow the permission.

  • Right-Click on the Game Shortcut and then click on Properties.
  • Next, Click on Compatibility and then Check the Checkbox “Run this program as administrator.”
  • That’s it, click on Apply and Ok to save changes.

Run Diablo 2 in Windowed Mode to fix the Error Code 1

If your PC is using a Modern GPU, then your GPU might not render the game resolution. You require to use the GPU with lower-resolution rendering compatibility. However, you can use tweak the setting to the Windowed mode. By Windowed mode, you can force the game to be run.

  • Right-Click on the Game File and then click on Properties.
  • Then, Select the Shortcut and then Click on Targe.
  • At the end of target add -W 
    • Like this: “c:\\games\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe” -w
  • That’s it.

Run Diablo 2 in Compatibility Mode With Windows 85

Windows do support backward compatibility. The game is initially designed for Windows 95. In the case above, the method doesn’t help, and then your Windows 10 might not be compatible. Follow the Step by step instructions.

  • Right-Click on the game and then click on Properties.
  • Then, Click on Compatibility, and Next, Click on Compatibility.
  • Select the checkbox “Run this Program in Compatibility Mode for:”
  • Therefore, select the Compatibility mode as Windows 95.

In the end, if above mention fix doesn’t help you, then we suggested you get in touch with the Support Team for further assistance. Hopefully, we believe this guide helps you out.