Xiaomi upcoming 3rd generation smartphone, Xiaomi has been revealed the under-display panel. The device seems to be quite promising so let’s take a closer look toward the device and know more about it.

Xiaomi 3rd Gen Under Display camera

Xiaomi is going to come with its 3rd generation under-display camera technology. Meanwhile, they have also showcased their under-display camera. Whereas, the first generation of Under display camera was done under labs and second-generation showcased as the prototype version. Meanwhile, the third-generation under-display camera is going to be debuted aimed to deliver a Complete Full View display experience.

Furthermore, the device is going to be having a proprietary pixel arrangement allowing you to feature an RGB Subpixel layout. Which suggested the display panel of the device offers functionality to disable pixel allow the camera to capture an image with boosting the pixel density.

Xiaomi also includes they have to work on this device to deliver a complete bezels display experience. Therefore, the device expected to come with various internal RGB components gives an immersive experience. Not to mention, Honor and Oppo also working on the same to come with an In-display selfie shooter so far.

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