Torrent is one place where you can find popular movies, tv shows, games, music, apps, books and much more. Suppose you are looking for torrent sites for yourself to share files over the torrent. However, in the recent past couple of years Government has almost started banning torrent for violent copyright laws.

Torrent is quite useful. All you have to figure out is the right torrent site from you can shares files so far. It also allows users to share files overseas without connecting through a VPN so far. There is a limited website that you can use to access the torrent website in 2021. So without further ado, let’s check it out so far.

Best Torrent Site Working in 2021

You should be aware of your private data breach is one of the most common with torrent sites. So here are the public torrent site that you can use.

Private Bay

It is considered one of the most popular torrent sites of all as it features popular games, movies, software and more. It is one of the first sites when regulators are aware of since it first introduced.


It primarily focuses on movies, where it server HD Quality movies; you can use BitTorrent for fast download speed.


This site is almost in the limelight for almost a decade. However, this was banned in major countries, but you can easily get the mirror link for RARBG.


This is one of the most common and popular sites, offering quite a simple user interface and the most organized ways to get apps, movies, TV Shows, games, music and much more.


It is an audiophile, and here people use it to find lossless audio files. The download speed seems to be quite slow, but still, it is quite popular across audio enthusiasts.


This site receives a lot of audience during a pandemic because it provides all kind of games. It also has TV shows, movies, books, music, and more, making it perfect for users to use this Torrent Site so far.

Kickass Torrent

Kickass has come a long ways from its introduction, and it brings a huge library of Movies, TV Shows, Music, Games, Apps, Books, Anime and more. Although, it considers to be having a huge active-user base so far.


This site is quite popular among Anime Fans, and you can find almost every anime of HD quality. Talking about Anime, it has the largest collection of Anime books, ebook readers to be found on this site.


This site is still in use. In the past, the site has been among the best torrent site for TV Shows and movies.


It covers a worldwide server, arranged and well-organized, which makes it easier to find movies, games, anime, ebooks, TV shows, and more.


This seems to be one of the best torrent sites, which available for PC Games.


Likely, this makes it a name among torrent for movies, tv shows, games, music, software and more.

Why do we need to use VPN Services?

There was a lot of websites, which is blocked, or your government might monitoring your usages. So to protect yourself and to bypass that restriction, you require a VPN. Therefore, some government have also banned VPN usages, so you must check for the right VPN before spending some amount. Hopefully, this guide helps you a lot with the best torrent sites in 2021.