If you ever wanted to transfer any of your files from one PC to another, you require done it quick. You can quickly transfer any file using Warp-Speed with the help of TeamViewer’s latest update. Not to mention, TeamViewer is one of the best remote desktop connections and sending tool. However, TeamViewer actually depends upon your connection type and the network speed. Today, we are going to help you with transferring a file using warp speed with the help of Teamviewer.

How to Transfer Files at Warp Speed Using TeamViewer 12/13 File Transfer

If you having a faster LAN connection, then it totally depends upon transfer speed and depends upon CPU Speed, Ram and others. For a faster transfer speed, you need to reduce the files with an enhanced faster speed.

When Connecting to a remote computer

While connecting with TeamViewer you have two option, the first is for Remote Control and another is for File Transfer. So, use the File Transfer option which you will find under a Partner ID, Enter the password for a target system. 

That’s all, once you have connected successfully you will be transfer files from your computer using a remote computer tool. Additionally, you can drag and drop files in-between connected computer to transfer files.

After Connecting to Remote Computer

If you haven’t selected the transfer file option, so follow the following guide mention down below.

  • From the menu bar, you can expand the menu bar in Teamviewer.
  • Now, Click on Files and Extras to expand and then select the file transfer.
  • That’s it, the file transfer menu will appear.

From the File Explorer

  • Open the File Explorer and select the file which you want to transfer.
  • Navigate to the right-click on a file and then select the Send to.
  • Click TeamViewer from the option and then select the target computer that you wish to send.
  • That’s it, Accept the file transfer request on the remote computer.


This is quite easy, that download speed depends upon the several factors so far. Although TeamViewer 12 seems to be optimized, thanks for being with us we would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below.