Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers for Android, Windows, and Mac. Meanwhile, Google Chrome has its pre-build download manager but it doesn’t support resume support, unknown file size, and there were more. So, if you want to resolve these error you can use some tweaks to resolve on your device.

In case, if you have slow internet connectivity, it usually normal throughout which sometimes you might get your files corrupt or have to pause in some cases. However, if you have pretty good internet service and still receiving this kind of error. Then, today we are going to help you with increasing download speed in Google Chrome.

How to increase your Download Speed in Google Chrome

There are various download manager is available to use, here are some of the tweaks that you can use to increase download speed with your large files in Google Chrome. So, without further due let’s check it out.

Enable Do Not Track

We all know that major of the website use Track User Activity. 

These trackers potentially cause your download speed so if your chrome has disabled this feature then you can simply enable Do Not Track to avoid the slow download speed.

How to Enable Do Not Track in Chrome

  • Open Chrome and open its settings from the burger menu (Three-Dot Menu).
  • Click on Settings and with the help of the search bar, Find “Do not Track.”
  • Open the Cookie tab and then there you will get the Do not track menu.
  • Toggle to enable Do Not Track.
  • That’s it.

Close all unwanted Tab

Not to mention, tab running in the background using your resources, so when you are downloading some content it might results in slow download speed. So, if you are experiencing slow download speed then close all unwanted tab to save resources and it will help you to increase your download speed.

Use a good website for download

Download Speed not always depends upon your internet, it also depends upon the backend from where you are downloading. So, try to use the reputed website to download content to get an excellent download speed.

Check your Internet Connection

To get an idea about your internet speed, you can use the speed check website. For which you can simply search SpeedCheck on Google and on the same page. On the other hand, you can use Ookla Speed Test or in order to diagnose slow-internet speed. If you find a slow internet connection then contact your ISP to get resolve this issue.

Use a Downloader Manager

If you are not happy with Chrome Downloader Manager then, There are various Download Manager available to use for free. We recommend you to use IDM (Internet Download Manager) or Free Download Manager as both have the best compatibility support. By using the download manager, from your next download, your file will instantly start downloading.

Hopefully, this guide helps you with increasing your download speed in Google Chrome. Most of the factors depend upon your network. Also, Check for the VPN because VPN potentially reduces the download speed. Else, if you still want to use VPN or have to download for some reason you need to re-consider upgrading or use a better VPN Service.