PUBG Mobile Developers is working on their 0.17.0 BETA and at the Same Time, they have been releasing the Game for Peace BETA revealing some of the Feature that We are about to Witness. Currently, those updates were on their Early stage of development means it might be introduced With New update or Later. 

First thing First, They also teased, and Some has already been available for PUBG for PC and Console Devices. Also, the update for PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 Includes a Season 12 Royal pass Confirmed the upcoming major Update Will be rolled out on the Second Anniversary of PUBG Mobile. Where they have added a New Amusement park and Extreme Color Weather Condition mode to play.

New Weapons Uzi Pro and DBS Gun along with a Win 94 Sight upgrade

There will be 2 New Guns and they have been Spotted Playing in PUBG Mobile version. The Gun Called Uzi Pro and DBS Guns. Where the First Uzi also Previously Known as Micro Uzi which replaced in Season 4 With UZI. This Gun is not much favourite for all, but the Season 12 could be introduced and Replace UZi pro. This Gun support Holographic Sight and RedDot making it Meaningful for Close Combat.

Likely, The DBS is an AirDrop Gun uses a 12 gauge ammo because it is a Pump-Shotgun confirmed it A quite powerful gun. Therefore, This Gun uses a Simple 2x Scope and the Effective range is 100mm allow you to shot higher damage throughout camping inside the Building. Even The Win 94 Weapons is Going to in-build 2.7x Scope exclusively for Miramar Map.

Throw Melee, Ammo, Healthkits and drinks

PUBG Mobile upcoming Erangel 2.0

This is already available in PUBG Pc and lite for console and PC but it Also Coming to PUBG because it Spotted on Game for Peace. Where you can throw your Melee weapons to Kill your Enemies Within a Range of 15mtr effectively. Whereas, Throwing an Ammo, Healthkits and Drinks up to 15mts. There is a New Radio chat to Commute and ask for items.

Erangel 2.0

PUBG Mobile upcoming Erangel 2.0

This is one of the Most awaited maps for PUBG and likely it will be rolled out soon across all platforms and Counties to celebrate the Second anniversary of PUBG Mobile. Which suggesting it Will be arriving in Q2 With PUBG MOBILE 0.17.0. Unfortunately, there is no Confirmation and Details from Developers. 

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