The most common error, people usually found with their printer is Printer Error 482 in Windows. If you have a similar issue then there may be a runtime error which is display by Error 482. However, this is quite annoying if you are encountering this error frequently. Today, we are here to help you with fixing this error in the best possible way so without further due, let’s check this out.

How to Fix Printer Error 482?

There were multiple reasons behind this error, so here is the appropriate method. But before going further you should ensure that you have connected your printer with the computer. Also, you should use the proper Windows Printer and Scanner.

Check your connection

It is really important that you have connected your Printer with the Computer correctly. However, if you have recently purchased the computer so we recommend you to go through the instruction that you have received the Quick Guide book bundled in the box. On the other hand, you can check the power connection and Printer connected properly.

Update Drivers

It is necessary that you have the latest driver installed on Windows, you can either update the driver from the Windows Driver Management or from the Manufacture Utility support. So let’s check the Windows perspective because it will automatically download and install the update quickly.

  • Open the Run dialogue box, use Windows + R.
  • After that, Type devmgmt.msc and then hit enter.
  • There you will find a list of devices connected to your Computer, Right-Click on it to expand the option and select Update Driver.
  • Now, Click on the “search Automiatcally for update driver.”
  • That’s it, Simply follow the on-screen instruction in order to install the updated driver on Windows.

Not to mention, During Automatically search for a driver, you should have active internet connectivity. On the other hand, to install the driver manually you have to visit the Manufacture website to get the latest driver for your printer. Simply, go to the Printer Manufacture website and then download the appropriate driver and install it on your Windows System.

Additionally, you can also use third-party software to download and install the driver for you. So once you have the proper driver install on your Windows Device re-try and check.

Turn on Printer

Sometimes, It is also possible that there is a power outage so check for the Power and re-try once the Printer is on Online Mode.

Change Printer Settings

You can resolve this error by tweaking some settings on Windows Settings Menu. Here is the step-by-step instruction to follow up.

  • Open the Window Settings and then click on Device.
  • Select the “Printer & Scanner” and then Select Microsoft Print to PDF.
  • You can solve the Printer Error by making a minor change, you can simply replace the basic print to PDF print option.
  • That’s it.

Check your install Printer

Ensure that you have installed the correct printer, likewise your software, hardware and driver should match to get the work done.

  • Open Windows Settings and then click on Device.,
  • Select the “Printer & Scanner” and then Click on “Add a Printer or Scanner”
  • Now, Follow the on-screen wizard to add your printer to your computer.
  • That’s it, Try again.

Check Printer Functionality

The printer can’t print all kinds of text documents, in which there was some printer which only allows printing the document in greyscale. So, if your printer doesn’t support some function that you wish to print then check for the functionality. In case, your printer has limited functionality then you should be aware that your Printer potentially will show the runtime error.

Restart the Print Spooler

If you have been put a lot of printing in a queue, then Print Spoiller might have some problem so because of the Print Spooler your Printer might showing the Runtime error. So, Restart the Print Spooler might resolve the error.

  • Open the Run Dialog box and then enter the “Services.msc.”
  • Then, Scroll down to find the Print Spooler.
  • Once you find out click on it and then there is an option”Restart the Service.”
  • That’s it, Once you hit the restart the service is placed at the upper-right corner.
  • Recheck the print.

Alternatively, you can do so with the CMD.

  • Open the Run Dialog box and then enter the “Services.msc.”
  • Click on Ctrl + Shift + Enter, Hit yes and then the UAC pop-up will appear.
  • Enter this command: net stop spooler 
  • After this, execute the next command DEL /F /S /Q %systemroot%System32spoolPRINTERS
  • Now, Use this command again net stop spooler
  • That’s it.

Use Registry Cleaner

If there is anything damaged in your registry then clear the registry database. Where it stored all software and hardware settings for your computer. You can use any third-party tool to clear the registry from your Windows Device and start clearing the registry.

Hopefully, this guide will help you out with fixing the print error 482.