NBA is one of the most popular games globally, but recently players start reporting about the NBA 2K21 Error Code A40C9996 bug. No official announcement has been published about this error or shared any timeline for an update to fix the game error. So, Today we are going to help you with fixing the game error code A40C9996. Without further due, let’s get this started.

FIX: NBA 2K21 Error Code A40C9996

The game error is to be expected to be fixed with the patch update, but for now, here is the guide to fix the error. Follow the following guide mention down below.

Check Server Status

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First thing first, ensure that game error is not in maintenance mode either having the network outage. For this, you can visit the DownDector or check their Twitter handle for real-time Server status. If you find any server outage, wait for some time to fix the server error by backend; however, if the network is stable, check the next troubleshooting method.

Restarting the game

It might be possible that some temporary file or unfinished game/ unfinished quite doesn’t allow the new game to start. So for this, quit the game and then restart the game. Ensure that you completely quiet the game consider the end task from the taskbar, or you can restart your computer to fix NBA 2K21 Error Code A40C9996.

Restart your Gaming Device

As we have mentioned above, the error could be because of temporary files, so restarting the device could potentially fix the error. However, if you are using a PC or console, the error supposes to resolve by restarting your device.

Restart your Modem or Router

Sometimes the problem could be because of your Network device, including Modem or Router. Also, it could occur because of an unstable connection so check this could also resolve the issue.

  • Reboot your Router or Modem
    • For this, you can Turn off/Turn on to power manually re-plug the power.
  • It takes some time, depending on the reboot required by your Modem or Router.
  • That’s it. Re-check the game.

Check Your Game Files to Fix Error Code A40C9996

Some players in the community suggested that by Verify the game file, you can resolve the error with the NBA 2K21 game. For this, you need to right-click on the app icon, and it will open the settings. Next, click on the Repair button. However, if you are playing on the game, you will find the Verify the Integrity of the game file on Steam, so from there, repair the file integrity.

Reinstall the Game

If you are still encountering the error, you need to uninstall the game and then reinstall the game. Which possibly can resolve the error for you, either glitch or any bugs. Hopefully, this guide will help you and will be fixed.