Today, we are going to talk about the smartphone gimmicks, which was also raised by a lot of popular tech-personalities such as GeekyRanjit. We also wished to add some from end-users. However, it’s an opinion that much improve the smartphone experience further. However, as a major smartphone market region is India and south-Asian market were price-sensitive market keeping that in mind Mid-Range smartphone was most popular in that region.

Not to mention, there were few Upper-Range OEM who also contributed to the smartphone Gimmicks by playing a number game so far. Here most of the readers and buyer are educated, and they understand what are their requirements even after this OEM pushing the Gimmicks in their device. So lets’ take a closer look toward it and know more about it.

Why you need Quad Camera setup

This is the most obvious raised question because OEM includes Micro Lens Seriously the primary camera does a better job compares to dedicated Micro lense. Whereas the Primary Camera seems more clear, Sharp, Closer by simply using 2x Zoom to get closer to an object. Nowadays, Every Mid-Range  Smartphone company have Quad Rear camera module with extra Depth Sensor or Micro lense.

There were a lot of reviews, Who confirm that the majority of the device additionally camera were worse and Some even aren’t functional. We all know that this device was having Gimmicky Camera because you can get a great camera device with 108MP or 64MP camera or at least 48MP camera sensor so you can expect a great performance. On the other hand, Ultra-wide angle lens, which is partially acceptable with 8MP expects these two, and there is no need to include Depth sensor and Macro lens.

Furthermore, Depth seeing can be done with the Primary camera with Image Processing, and they also do that with the front single selfie shooter. So, It neither they can’t do instead they like to add 2MP Depth sensor just to maximize the number. What we can say is that simply by investing those amount in improving Picture result by improving the Front, Rear, or decrease the price of the device in order to offer a great smartphone experience. Moreover, they can also provide us with an OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) or Telephoto lens.

In-Build Custom Apps Services alternative to Google Apps Services

This was such a thing that likely everyone gets frustrated, Before going further, let me let you know that most of the OEM are Chinese, and Google Apps Services are not working in China. Therefore, for this situation, they have developed there own App Service, which seems great with China Situation.

Unlikely, Global support Google App Services and the alterative to Google App Service are not work great with Globa devices such as when your first boot up your device there were 2 Email Services, 2 Callender, 2 App Store, 2 Browsers, 2 Cloud Support, 2 Note app alongside other third-party Spyware or Junkware apps. Frankly speaking, you don’t require that, and most of the users are going to use the Google App Services.

Under the hood, initially, they don’t install instead they arrive later with an OTA update, and you can’t even uninstall those because of this in review Junk apps don’t reflect. Additionally, those apps can’t be uninstalled, and those apps also start consuming your Ram, ROM, and other resources make your device slow overtime.

Ads on Smartphone

First thing first, this is a kind of business model to lower the price, and there is no problem with that. The real problem occurs when OEM like Xiaomi doesn’t have personalized and Approved ads; they just push the ads from advertisers. Having said that, they have lower the Ads, but still, you can found on the page such as settings.

This no ends here, Ads on Page and now ads on Notification what Notification are aimed for important things not for the promotions. The brands like Samsung also have done pushing notification even on the flagship device like S-Series. There are only a few popular brands like Hmd Global Nokia, Lenovo Motorola, Oppo, Vivo and more brands, but the popular mid-range used to practice notification ads a lot.

App Virus check, Even from Google App Store download apps

Yes, These smartphone having their own pre-install Security app while we don’t know is those app really working or not. By the way, Google also has its security checker on Google Play Store known as Play Security, and it used to check apps before installing and continuously monitor for the vulnerable apps. After the introduction of App security, there were a lot of apps get banned, but there aren’t any reports coming out from those OEM security apps.

Most likely, they don’t even develop those security apps they mostly powered by Cheeta Mobile, Avast security engine. The most trusting part is that, Why you need an app security check for those apps which are installed directly from Google Play Store.

Earpiece Sucks at Mid-Range

Most of the users even don’t notice because they were used to the mid-range smartphone speaker. This is one of the primary aims of the device to deliver a great calling experience before going for Apps and other things. So by investing a fair little more amount, they can offer a flagship-grade earpiece. This should not be compromised, also it not for all OEM.

It’s Hype Sale, not a Flash Sale.

Most of the OEM do Flash date but not with a full stock there was just limited stock assuming that 1000 units, after-sale they publish a post about 1MIN sale sold out everything but the truth is there are just a limited number of the device not about full capacity. Due to this, people start buying a device with scarcity, and this is the reason for the black marketing they used to the sale that device with the high-margin on the offline market. The availability should be transparent.

Hopefully, this is the basic things happening in the mid-range smartphone, and therefore this was the gimmick. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more further updates in future on same.