• Require Office license.
  • Best in class graphics features, and having support for Digital Pencils, morphing transitions in PowerPoint.
  • Improved pivot tables in Excel and Funnel charts


  • Very Expensive for educational site license.
  • New features doesn't continue with the office 365
  • No real-time coauthoring as in Office 365.

Final Verdict

Microsoft is still one of the most powerful, Familiar, comfortable, and reliable as in a set of productivity applications. Most of the professional recommend it as the service getting a major upgrade; hence it remains an editor choice. It remains the best office suit that you can purchase, and the locally installed software also gives it a bump considering the stability with the one-time purchase mode.

Microsoft Office has always been one of the most productive software for business, Whereas Microsoft pushes the office toward its whole ecosystem so far. Therefore, The latest version of Microsoft seems to be very functional on both Offline and online version and is to be supportable by Windows and office suit so far. The Microsoft office features almost seamlessly user interface features better graphics and support almost major digital pencils for PowerPoint.

Therefore, there were various tweaks and improvements comes compare to the previous version of Microsoft office. Today we will share our thoughts from our experience so

you will have the choice to choose from.

Compatibility, Version, and Pricing

Microsoft offers Office for a basic price of $439.99 for 1 PC alongside Outlook publisher and access data. On the other hand, its server for $149.99, which includes World, Excel, and PowerPoint. Therefore, it was supportable for Windows 10 (32-Bit – 64-Bit) and perfectly worked with the macOS Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave.

Cross-Platform Excellence and Offline

This is one of the best flexibility in terms of Cross-Platform support; hence you can access any MS office file from any supported device with the help of your account. Additionally, MS recently introduced its service for mobile applications.

Most likely, you can also export the file directly from LibreOffice, Or Corel Wordperfect office. As we all know, MS has always been a Sync service functionality, which means your Data is to be sync with the cloud, not to be aimed to be work with MS office online.

Business Problem-solving?

Almost every staff require in business for accountancy does everything. Meanwhile, it helps the person with the business and allows users to organize everything. Most business users like the auto-saving feature when you are doing your work, and it also allows you to undo the stuff you don’t want on the short tab.

The Best starter program for your business!

Concerning updating, the office keeps getting better; hence you can also access the data with your device’s help allow you to print anything, anytime and anywhere. It really easy to use in every scenario; hence you don’t need to be very techy; instead, it just very easy with basic.

We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section below. Stay tuned for further updates in the future on the same.