3LG announced its new design language for its Smartphone in our press release on their website. Where the design has inspired, it “taps into nature with visible elegance tactical perfection.” Where they have been feeling the device seems to be quite minimalistic and been accepted by the natural world. We have  seen a lot of different design languages for the Smartphone itself, and its into the quiet different from the industry Trend. Let’s peacock a white closer look towards the different languages of India’s upcoming LG smartphone.

LG smartphones have shared them with sketches for 2 smartphone design languages. The new design language seems to used on LG smartphones for their upcoming smartphones.

First thing first, the design of the device seems to be having a curved display closer to the waterfall display that has been used by flagship smartphones. Even the real cannot off the display has been to provide a bezel-less at the extremely thin device.

In terms of camera placement, it uses the camera sensor to placed on the upper left corner of the rear panel. The camera placement on this device known as a raindrop camera design. However, the design language of the device from the back and the front were symmetrical to nature.

LG is their raindrop camera design because the size of the phone camera sensor is being decreased from top to bottom depicts the water droplets. The camera module is accomplished by t camera sensor alongside an LED flash followed by camera lenses.

Furthermore, LG likely to be eliminating the camera bump on the rear panel by placing the camera sensor under the glass. We believe if this is an innovative smartphone. Then they could use class technology to hide camera lenses similar to one plus trade.

This rear panel design language known as 3D Arc design, suggesting as to EDGE display and symmetrical curved. Not to mention, it feels quite elegant if we compare the Smartphone to LG’s previous devices. We were waiting for this Smartphone to arrive this year. But likely due to the global outbreak of corner virus launch and the production of the Smartphone.

If LG is working similar to this, then you could potentially increase its profit margin and could become a profitable smartphone manufacturer. Where last year did not have a good reputation and even any good words in the tech industry. LG smartphone division could lost rather 2 lost in this Smartphone market.

This device should be drinking top knot specifications and configurations to directly compete with the king of smartphones. The bleeding Edge Technology should be there affordable price segment more impressive.

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