If you have previously used an android spy app and for some reason, your experience has not been up to the mark, then maybe Xnspy will appeal you. We have done a complete review of Xnspy for you and here is what we have to share with you. 


Xnspy has kept the price of its different packages quite competitive with other best Android spying apps. Some of its packages can cost as low as $8.33 per month. Currently, Xnspy has two different packages to offer to its users; Basic and Premium. Basic, as the name suggests, is for those who want to use Xnspy for some standard information like accessing contacts, emails, and messages. It has almost every feature just right for primitive-level spying and it costs less than the premium package.

On the other hand, the premium package is all about the high-end attributes of Xnspy. All the advanced features like Watchlists, Xnspy Analytics, Ambient recorder, etc. are included in this package. The good thing is that even the premium package is not expensive and you can upgrade to this one by paying around four dollars more. Both these packages are available for monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans. Here are the details of these plans.





$99.99  ($8.33/month)

$149.99 ($12.49/month)


$69.99 ($23.33/month)

$99.99 ($33.33/month)


$49.99 per month

$59.99 per month

The only shortcoming here is that even after paying the same amount, the iPhone version of the app has some features missing in it as compared to the Android version. There is no trial version of Xnspy and you have to pay to enjoy the services. But if you want to have an idea of how it operates, you can check out the demo version available on their website.


When it comes to the best Android spy apps, compatibility is the biggest concern of the users. Just a year back, most of the spying apps required the phones to be rooted or jailbroken before signing up for them. This not only added to the cost of using the app but was an unneeded burden on the users. With time, some of the apps lost the race to stay up-to-date with the new iOS and Android versions but some adapted to these new changes. Xnspy is among a few apps now that do not require its users to root an Android phone or jailbreak an iPhone before using it. With the improved compatibility, a steady improvement in the performance has also been observed.

For Android users, it is compatible with all the previous and the present versions of the Android OS. It supports the latest Oreo 8.0. If you further want to check the compatibility of the device, you can visit their page where they have a separate section for you to find out the compatibility of your smartphone with their app. An extensive device compatibility with hundreds of Android phones and tablets is one of the unique selling points of Xnspy. It is something that sets it apart from its competitors. That is why it is equally popular among iPhone users. Thanks to its compatibility with the latest iOS 12.1.

How Xnspy works

Users usually have difficulty in setting up these types of apps especially if it involves the trouble of jailbreaking or rooting the target device. But the best Android spying apps have made it relatively convenient now for their users to set up these apps. Since Xnspy is also one of them, you would not face any issue installing it. Here is how it works:

  • First, you have to sign up for an Xnspy account on their website. You can do it through your desktop web or on your smartphone. Your card information will be required to close the purchase, but the rest of the process is painless.
  • By signing up on their website, you have created your account. Now, you will receive an email in your registered email ID. It will contain information regarding your account and how to install the app.
  • Once you receive the email, the next step is to install the app on the target phone. So get hold of the device you wish to monitor and make sure it is connected to a workable internet connection. Follow the instructions in your email to set up the app on the phone. In case you face any problem, they have a 24-hour online helpline for your assistance.

Now that you have installed the app on the target phone, it will take Xnspy 24 to 48 hours to move the data from the device to your account online. Log in to your account through your laptop or your smartphone and tap on any of the features to see the information. The whole process will not take more than 10 minutes and you manage it all with simple taps on the phone screen.


Xnspy’s interface is simple yet attractive. This Android spy app has tried to introduce new contrast and everything is placed at one click away. Its interface is known as the “Dashboard.” All the features are displayed here on the dashboard. On the left side of the interface screen, the features are lined up in the form of a vertical bar. Clicking on any of them expands the list further and displays the information on the centre of the screen. On the top centre of the screen, the information about the user account is displayed which shows the duration of the subscription, the type of Xnspy version, and the remaining days.

There is an app for Android users to operate it through your smartphone. The whole interface of Xnspy is designed so that you can interact with it entirely through your smartphone. It gives you enough customization to manage the features according to your requirements. If you click the Settings option at the end of the features list, it brings up a bunch of options to fiddle with. There are also toggles for certain features in the settings. There is a lot more in the interface but everything has been masterfully arranged to make it look easier.


If you look at their website, then there is a long list of features that will be difficult to explain here. But here are some notable mentions.

  1. Create Watch lists: The basic package users can see all the contacts, messages, and calls on their Xnspy account. But if you want to make monitoring more efficient, then there is a Watchlist feature in its premium version. Sometimes the user not always wants to go through all the information in their account. In such a case, they can create and maintain a watch list for four different information types. Specific words, email, location, and contacts can be added to the separate watch lists and whenever any of them pops up on the target phone, the user is instantly notified.
  2. Ambient Recorder: One of the amazing things that Xnspy can perform is that it can remotely record the surroundings of the target phone even if it is not on a call. Usually, spying apps would offer call recordings of the phones, but only some of the best Android spying apps have this feature. The user gives a command through this feature to record the surroundings of the phone up to 30 minutes in one session. After the session is over, the recording is later uploaded to the user’s account.
  3. Social media monitoring: Xnspy Android spy app can monitor a number of popular social media messengers. It can get information from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, Kik, Line etc. You can read all the chats in those messengers including individual and group chats as well. It also gives you call logs of all the incoming and outgoing calls along with the contact details and their timing. Lastly, you can also see the shared data in these chats including photos and videos.



  • Affordable plans with monthly, yearly, and annual subscription options.
  • The watch lists tailored to your requirements can provide specific information
  • Compatibility with both the latest Android and iOS versions.


  • There is no trial version of the app so someone who intends to use it for a longer time may budge at paying $99 for a year’s subscription without even trying the app.

Final Verdict

With a long list of features, steady performance, and smooth interface, Xnspy is a must-have application for anyone looking to use an Android spy app. We would have loved to see a trial version for some beginners, but those who have used it before are well aware of Xnspy’s capabilities. Except for this, all else is good about Xnspy and we hope that their developers add something like that in the future versions.