This newly launched game, the First Class Trouble third-person Survival video game, includes many imposters, so you can’t actually trust. A lot of players asking about the game are crossplay game on PC, PS4, and Xbox. The game is currently only released on Windows, and likely the game will be soon available on Steam through BETA.

Is First Class Trouble Crossplay on PC, PS4, and Xbox?

The game is currently under development for PS4/PS5 or Xbox console. Also, once it releases, the game is available to play crossplay. Developers have not made any statement about the release date of the game for Xbox and PlayStation.

Currently, the game has many bugs, and you should wait for a couple of months to release the stable. After that, the First Class game most likely to be released on the console platform once the PC version is stable. The game will be more fun once the game is available across all platform.

The game developer company isn’t a huge studio yet, so it likely to take some time to release for the PC, PS4, Xbox. Therefore, the Game studio has not made any official announcements yet wait for the official announcements.