Gmail scheduling is one of the best feature, which allows you to schedule emails that you want to send at a specific time and date. There were a lot of people who likely used to set the alarm to send an email on a particular date. Have you ever thought that you can use the automatic email sending feature on your iPhone/ iPad whereas this feature was quite helpful since it was initially introduced for Android users?

Yes, Gmail has the auto-email feature on both iOS and iPadOS, even through on pre-installed email service. Today, we are going

to share a bit of knowledge to helps you with email scheduling using Gmail hence it seems to be quite promising so let’s take a closer look toward it and know more about it.

How to Schedule emails to send on iPhone and iPad?

Here we are going to use the Gmail service, and you can get the app installed on your iPhone from Apple App Store. It was quite easy, follow the following steps carefully.

  • First thing first, launch the Gmail app on your device and then login with your email account.
  • After that, compose an email using the button placed on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Fill the email with the email, and the Email address based on your preferences.
  • Now, click on the burger menu referred to as a three-dot menu placed on the upper right corner of the device.
  • Therefore, a menu appears on the bottom with “Scheduled Send” tap over it, and it will ask for the time and date in a pop-up window.
  • Select the time based on your preferences such as “Tomorrow Morning,” “Tomorrow afternoon,” and “Sathursadry morning.” Unlikely, you can also choose your preferred time so far using “Pick Date & Time” button”.
  • Once you select, click on save.
  • That’s it, and your email is scheduled.

So that’s you are supposed to schedule an email-based non-data & time for sending the emails. This feature was so useful, Not to mention you can’t use this feature on your Native iPhone or iPad email application yes you have to opt for the Gmail or any-other thrid-part email app service that support this service.

Hopefully, you have understood, and you have successfully scheduled the emails on your iPhone. We would like to know your valuable;e opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more further updates in future on same.