Android is one of the most customizable smartphones, which packed with a ton of feature whereas if your OEM doesn’t roll-out the latest Android version or want to try new Rom. Rom has been quite mature and more than visual tweaks it more about feature contains the Dark Mode, Reply Suggestion, DND, Digital Wellbeing and more.

Today, we are going to share a bit of knowledge with you “How you can install custom ROM in 2021.” Although, by changing the custom ROM, you can experience the ROM to enhance productivity.


  • Unlock bootloader
  • Custom recovery
  • Android smartphone
  • GApps
  • Custom ROM

Download Custom ROM

First thing first, you need to download the custom ROM. Ensure that you download the custom ROM, Which supported on your device. Once you download the package, then you require to download the compatible GApps.

Therefore, Save the GApps to your SD Card, internal storage or flash drive. Also, keep in mind you don’t extract the package.

Boot your device into recovery

You need to install TWRP recovery, and you can download the TWRP recovery for your device to boot the device into recovery. After that, enable TWRP Recovery and then ensure that you have enabled USB Debugging to install TWRP on your device.

Now, reboot your device to fastboot mode once it gets into fastboot. Although, select reboot your device or Power off your device and then by pressing the Volume button and Power button, you can boot into recovery.

Furthermore, connect your device to pc but before that, you should save the TWRP recovery to your PC. Open the CMD command and enter Fastboot boot (Enter the TWRP file location). Click enter and then yours TWRP Recovery is been installed successfully. After that, it will show a TWRP menu on your device.

Backup your data

You must take a complete backup of your device because this isn’t reversible. So, in case anything went wrong, you have a proper backup and could potentially recover the data.

Navigate to, take a backup of your data Backup > Select ( Check the Boot, System, Data) and then click Swipe to backup. In the end, click on Append date.

Clear your device data

To install the custom ROM, you need to wipe your stock ROM or installed custom ROM. All you have to do is after installing the TWRP open. And, then navigate to Wipe > Advance Wipe > Check all selection > Swipe to wipe. That’s it, it will clear your device data, and after this, there is no stock or custom ROM installed on your device.

Install Custom ROM and GApps

There are some ROM, which doesn’t come with GAPPs so before installing the Custom ROM. It requires to install the GApps. You can use install Custom Rom by following the Install > Select Custom ROM package. Now, Click on Add more Zips and select the GApps package.

Swipe to install and then it starts installing the Custom ROM and GApps. It takes 5 to 6 minutes, depending on the installation file. That’s it at the end click on the Reboot button, and now you can see the Custom ROM installed successfully on your device.

Hopefully, this article helps you with having some idea about installing the custom from on your device in 2021. On the other hand, this is one of the most common methods to flash a custom from while there was various method perform based on your device.

Under the hood, Some device requires to have a different tool to flash a custom ROM such as Nexus require Nexus Root Toolkit, Samsung require Odin and Sony require FlashTool.