Apple Watch comes with a great battery itself, but there were some reports suggested that Apple Watch Series 6 gives 18 hours of battery life. However, the device is to be delivered over a day on a full charge. There were people who want more battery life of your watch having a poor battery life.

Today we are going to share a bit of knowledge to help you with improve battery life on Apple Watch Series 6. Not to worry about your smartwatch usage hence we don’t guide you to minimize your smartphone usages. In this article, we

will share your minor tweaks that will fix your battery life of your Apple Watch Series 6.

Amazing Tips to Improve Battery Life on Apple Watch

There is no perfect way to fix the Apple Watch Battery life since everyone having there own usages pattern so it can’t be solved completely and give extra hours of juice. Therefore, we will be discussing all the major methods that you can improve battery life on your Apple Watch and likely to fix the poor battery life.

Most likely, if you are facing any major problem with your Apple Watch because of software update then with some minor tweak you can improve battery life on Apple Watch.

Improve Battery Life on Apple Watch Series 6

You need to check simply troubleshooting that we have shared mention down below, all you need to do tweak settings. Follow the following tweak to improve battery life on Apple Watch Series 6.

Cut down the Animation on Apple Watch Series 6

In the latest WatchOS UI includes a bunch of animation on Apple Watch Series 6, not to mention this animation consume a piece of battery so, if we cut down the animation, it obviously going to save some battery on Apple Smartphone.

In case, if you are facing a bad battery experience, you should disable the animation and transition by enabling the reduce motion, it should give you a slightly better battery performance.

Disable the Animation on Apple Watch Series 6

  • Open the Watch app on your device.
  • Then, head over to the Accessibility.
  • Click on the Reduce Motion and then toggle to enable the Reduce motion.
  • That’s it.

Minimize Brightness on Apple Watch Display

You can save battery by using the moderate brightness, unlikely you are someone with visual conditions you can simply decrease the brightness of your Apple Watch Display.

Town down the brightness

  • Open the device settings on your device.
  • Then, head over to the Display and Brightness.
  • After that, now you need to tone down the brightness according to yo your preference.

Always-On Display consumes battery.

The always-on display seems cool and amazing, likely because the display used to be turn-on 24×7. Whereas, the display used to consume battery and the percentage of battery sharing on display is the highest. So, you can simply disable the Always-On display in order to save more battery.

disable the Always-On display

  • Open the Apple watch and head over to the settings.
  • After that, navigate to the Always-On display.
  • Now, You need to toggle beside it turn off the AOD.

Pair your Apple Watch again with iPhone

It was quite easy, simply pair your apple watch once again with your iPhone. Additionally, a lot of users also says, After full reset a lot of problems they were facing get solved. So at least try, Hope re-pair your apple watch might fix the battery problem.

Disable Blood Oxygen Monitor

Apple Watch Series 6 comes with a real-time blood oxygen monitor, not to mention this was quite an amazing feature and helpful, especially during the COVID-19. It is a great tool to monitor your blood oxygen and give you an idea of your health condition. In contrast, when the blood oxygen monitor isn’t in use, it still drains out the battery, So you can disable the blood oxygen monitor.

Turn off your Blood Oxygen Monitor

  • Open your setting on your Apple Watch and then head over to the Blood Oxygen.
  • After, Turn off the blood oxygen monitor.

Turn off Raise to Wake feature.

Lift to wake up feature work as a gesture, when you lift your waist it turns on the display, hence its functions actively likely it uses a piece of battery so to save battery you can turn off the raise to wake feature on your Apple Watch Series 6.

This is quite useful to improve that battery life, Where it only disables that sensor which requires to detect when it needs to wake the screen.

Disable Raise to Wake Feature

  • Open your Watch app on your device and then head over to General.
  • After that, Tap on Wake Screen and then Choose “Wake on Writs Raise.”
  • Now, Simply turn off by toggling to disable the Wake on Wrist Raise.

Uninstall the app, Which you don’t want!

If your apple watch has a lot of Watch application, then those apps might be taking resource from your Apple Watch. So, you can uninstall that app which you don’t require in order to save battery.

Release Apps you don’t need

  • Open your Watch App and head over to the installed on Apple Watch.
  • There you will see all the installed app, Choose and uninstall the app according to you.
  • After that, you will find the option to Show App on Apple Watch.
  • Likely, remove that app by simply tapping on the switch.
  • By following the same step, Unistall all those apps that you don’t want on your Apple Watch Series 6.

Reboot Apple Watch Series 6

This is one of the most significant ways to fix the battery draining issue on your Apple Watch, and this helps the gadget to re-compile the firmware to fix some firmware bug. There were some people seems this method silly but yeah a lot of times device get a fix with just a simple restart.

So, trying to reboot your device might solve some minor problem to fix the problem. It just takes 10 Seconds to restart your Apple Watch.

Rebooting your Apple Watch Series 6

  • Long press on the power button and the crown of Apple Watch.
  • After that, press it for seconds, and the Apple logo will appear on the h.
  • Simply, release the button and the crown.

Turn off Notification for App

Most of the users used to check the notification on iPhone, So disabling the Apple Watch Notification wouldn’t change at all. So, you can simply disable your Apple Watching Notification unlikely the instant access to notification was really helpful.

Not to mention, Push notification uses a lot of battery because it also continues using the battery in background for instant notification. Which definitely affect your battery life also disabling notification for apps that were not imported you should quickly disable the notification for that app in order to improve the battery life on Apple Watch.

If you need to save more battery, or if you are facing the battery draining issue we suggested you turn off the notification on Apple Watch Series 6. You wouldn’t miss your notification because you can still check your notification over your iPhone.

Disable Notification for Apple Watch

  • Open your Apple Watch and head over to the Notification.
  • After that, there you find a list of apps from you receive a notification.
  • So, tap on the apps and toggle to disable the notification from those apps.

Turn off Mobile Data for Apple Watch

There are two different variants of Apple Watch, First is the model, and the other is Cellular. So, follow this tweak for a latter variant to fix the draining usages.

  • First, open control centre on apple watch and there you will find the Mobile Data icon.
  • Tap on it, to disable the Mobile data by simply toggle it.

Enable Power Sharing Mode during Workout

During Workout if you are using the fitness goal track, then you should enable the Power Saving Mode. Where it disable the Heart rate sensor and calorie counter, Which helps you to save a healthy amount of battery, however, keep in mind to disable the power saving mode after exercise.

Power saving mode on Apple Watch

  • Open the Watch App and head over to Workout.
  • Now, Navigate to enable the Power Saving mode.
  • That’s it.

Keep on Optimize Charing on your Watch

For excessive battery performance, t is recommended to charge your device with optimize charging in order to get a performance efficiency.

Enable the optimize charging

  • Open your Watch setting and head over to the battery.
  • After that, head over to the battery health.
  • Now, simply check the optimized battery charging to enable/
  • Tap on it toggle, Which enable the battery optimisation.

Disable the Background App Refresh

It was one of the best ways to improve battery performance, simply turn off the background app refresh. Follow the following instruction to disable the background app refresh.

Turn off the background app refresh.

  • Open your watch settings and head over to the general.
  • After that, navigate to Background app refresh.
  • Now, from there, turn off the app refresh for the apps.

Decrease the screen brightness

Likely, if you are using your Watch at the maximum brightness, therefore you probably need to reduce the screen brightness. Under the hood, the screen is the most battery consuming part of the device. So just reduce at that which according to your preference.

Reduce the Screen Brightness

  • Open your Apple Watch settings and head over to the Display and Brightness.
  • After that, Simply navigate to the Display and Brightness.
  • Use the slider to lower the brightness on your Apple Watch.

Enable the Power Reserve Mode

This feature was available on the device for a long time, but not most of the people use this, it was quite useful to extend the battery life on your device. All you have to do is to simply enable the power reserve mode. Afterwards, it was going to convert your watch for a regular timepiece watch.

  • Open the Control Center on Watch, and there you will find the battery percentage.
  • Tap on it and by using the slide, toggle to power reserve option.

Enable the Greyscale Mode

As apple watch a good display, people with using the Greyscale mode suggested a more battery compare to a normal battery. So, you can have the same by simply enabling the greyscale mode on your Apple Watch.

  • Open your watch setting and head over to the accessibility.
  • After that, scroll down and enable the google to “Greyscale” by toggling it.

Enable the Silent Mode

When you are on silent mode, your speaker doesn’t understand active means it wouldn’t use the battery and gives you more battery time to use.

  • Open the Watch setting and head over to the Sounds and Haptics.
  • Now, enable the silent mode.
  • That’s it.

Disable the Blood Oxygen Measurements

This is one of the unique features, Where it measure the blood oxygen, and it consumes a lot of battery. If you are not a person who uses it a lot, then you can disable the SpO2 measurement feature on your Apple Watch.

  • Open your watch settings and head over to the Blood Oxygen.
  • Therefore, Toggle to turn off the Blood Oxygen measurements.

Update your Watch

Sometimes it about the Software, So you can simply fix by updating your Apple Watch to the latest software where it brings the patch for the problem.

  • Open the watch setting and navigate to general.
  • Head over to the Software update, Therefore if there is any update simply tap to update.
  • That’s it.

Hopefully, these tips help you to fix the battery life on your Apple Watch. Most likely, these were the ways to fix the battery and to improve battery life choose according to your preference. Thanks of being with us, We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more further updates in future on same.