iPhone itself is the leading promising smartphone across the globe; hence the device has recently launched. Here, the machine is machine and machine can be easily get damaged from water. Today, we will share some tips in which you can try to fix water damage on your iPhone 12.

First thing first, whenever your device gets in touch with water, you should try to save fast as you can. Moreover, you should at least suppose to know tips to save your device from water damage. So let’s take some of the tricks.

How to save your iPhone 12 from
water damage

There were several ways to save your device from water damage apart from the tear or internally. Here are some of the things that you can do yourself so you could recover the cost of your iPhone.
Power off your iPhone 12

We all know the movement of electron tends to create conflict. Hence it is recommended to turn off your iPhone 12. This will helps you to avoid the chance of short circuit into your device electronic chip, So the first thing is to power off your device.

Eject water from iPhone

iPhone has connecting ports, where the water can get inside of the device, don’t use hair dryer instantly because it might force water to get water instead you could shake off your device to eject the water from your device. Moreover, you can also use the cloth to wipe off the water or sip off from the holes. Additionally, don’t allow the water to stay on your device for too long that might increase the change of damage.

Dry your device

As we have already mentioned, don’t allow the water to stay on the device because this is a very bad idea to allow water to stay, which could potentially increase the intensity of the damage. It would be best if you tried to fix water damage by drying off the device as fast as possible, and you can use silica gel or rice, which having a water-absorbent property.

Hopefully, this article might help you to fix water damage to your iPhone 12 so far. Thanks for being with us. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below.