iPhone 12 series is a revolutionary smartphone that comes with a 5G Connectivity so far powered by Qualcomm X55 modem. Therefore, it was one of the best smartphones to deliver a device until data; therefore, the device faces poor internet connectivity. If you have any such problems, you can fix with the following guide to resolve the internet problem on your iPhone 12 Series of the smartphone.

Today, we are going to share a bit of knowledge to help you with slow internet connectivity. Reportedly, a couple of users have faced this problem within the launch of the iPhone 12 Series of a smartphone. Most likely, here are some of the problems that occur, so follow the following steps in order to fix your device.


There were several factors that there was a different reason for the problem occurred. Here is the reason that could be the reasons.

  • Weak internet connectivity
  • More traffic than usual, Heavy traffic on the server
  • Memory issue on your iPhone 12
  • Old-version, the device isn’t be updated.

How to solve the slow-internet connectivity on your iPhone 12 Series

There isn’t any problem that couldn’t be fixed through slow internet problem on iPhone 12 Series. Here are the three common fixes to resolve the slow-internet connectivity on your device. Follow the following steps to fix the slow internet problem on your device.

  • Simply Disable the Wi-Fi assist.
  • Clear cache
  • Reset your iPhone 12 device

How to disable Wi-Fi Assist

This is quite a useful option that automatically switches the internet between your cellular network to the Wi-Fi network. This might help you receive faster internet connectivity between auto-switching the network to perform your device with faster internet connectivity. Unlikely, users might have some trouble, or might feels annoying.

  • Open your iPhone 12 Settings menu and then tap on the cellular menu option.
  • Then, Swipe down to open the Wi-Fi assist option panel and then click on the Wi-Fi assist button in order to disable.

How to clear app cache

App normally used to store cache, which might cause the slow internet connectivity to clear the application that is supposed to be run over on the stored cache. Most likely, if there is any high-storage cache on your application and once you clear it, you can enjoy the high-speed internet on your application.

  • Open your iPhone 12 Setting on your device and then tap on your profile name.
  • Then, head over to the iCloud option and then tap over manage storage option.
  • Now, Swipe down to find the application and select on the app.
  • That’s it, click on the Delete data option and confirm to delete the cache of your application.

How to reset iPhone 12

In the end, if any following guide doesn’t help with your slow internet connection. You need to reset your device apart from your device having any iPhone 12 software. Unlikely, another factor depends on resetting your iPhone 12.

  • Starting with opening your device settings and head over to the general option.
  • At the ends, Swipe down to appear the reset option and click over the reset option.

Not to mention, it is recommended to take a complete backup of your iPhone 12 before restarting your iPhone 12. Hopefully, this guide helps you resolve the slow internet connectivity problem on your iPhone 12.

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