This likely to be one of the most reported problems after the latest updated rolled out for the iPhone 12. This might not be aa problem with many people, but yes, there is it and here are the articles that might help help you fix this problem on your device. Apple iPhone 12 Series is one of the most powerful smartphones out there and that device worth your attention.

Hence, this problem likely to be fixed with the upcoming updates that include the patch and security update of the iPhone 12

series. Today, we will share a bit of knowledge to help you resolve the fast battery draining with your device so far. Here is the quick guide that was going to help you with fixing battery draining on your smartphone.

Reasons for fast battery draining on your iPhone 12 Series

  • Unnecessary enabling the Wi-Fi, Location, Bluetooth Cellular and tethering hotspot.
  • Increase the screen brightness
  • Unwanted background apps were running.
  • Unwanted faulty or unwanted apps

How to fix the fast battery draining problem on iPhone 12 Series

Here are the following steps that we will resolve the fast battery draining issue on your iPhone 12 series so far. You can disable some of the iPhone 12 Series features on your device in order to fix the battery draining problem.

  • How to reduce the use of a faulty and unwanted application
  • Not to mention, several apps might be stored on your device that causing the problem with the device’s
  • utilisation. However, you can simply avoid downloading many or too many application on your iPhone 12
  • series. It might help you to fix the battery draining on your smartphone.

Reset your device

If there isn’t any problem with your device software, then you can simply reset your device so that the device operating system has a fixed approach to recompile and work smoothly. So, Try these given settings, and hopefully, your device is working great. Follow the following steps mention down below.

  • Starting with connecting your iPhone 12 with your PC using iTunes.
  • After that, you simply have to launch the iTunes on PC and perform force restart to press the volume down.
  • Now, at the ends Press and hold the side button until it open in recovery mode.
  • That’s it, and now in the recovery mode, you have two option press reset button and restart your device.

Not to mention, your data is securely stored and wouldn’t be a loss at all. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more further updates in future on same.