Apple’s latest software update to there iOS and iPadOS brings many changes, Including the App Clip feature. Likely, it was one of the unique features which comes with Apple device so far, and we believe that it should deserve some attention.

Today, we will share a bit of knowledge to help you with adding app clips and deleting. Before going ahead, I like to tell you that this App clip feature allows you to adjust your app like it gives control over trimmed down and make the app run in a small window. Additionally, these app having a size of 10 MB approx. Hence this limited app features.

This iOS 14 App Clip Feature is quite identical to the Android Try feature, Which let the user try the app without installing the application on their device. The reason for this is obviously the lightweight size, and this application which stored on your device will be removed in a month of in-active usages.

App Clip on iOS and iPadOS

There are different application, Which comes with an NFC Touch tag, Simply Link and Code Scan like app clips. Here we will explain the app clips alongside adding and removing the App clip from your iPhone and iPad device. So let’s take a closer look toward it and know more about it.

What is Apple App Clips?

Because this feature has recently debuted everyone has this knowledge about App clips, these are the app that shares App Clips online. The most common way you will find in this kind of forms such as App Clip Code/ QR Codes, NFC-Integrated App Clips Codes, As a link in Safari/ Message and lastly, Supported Locations in Apple Maps.

NFC-Integrated Clip Code/ App Clip Codes

This is quite identical to each other intending to scan a code and allow users to pay with a simple tap from your iPhone and iPad. Likely, it was faster and allowed users to perform that task without downloading the full flashed application. Let’s take a closer look toward it and know more about it.

How to get App Clip on your iPhone and iPad

There were few methods to get App Clips, and there were few following things to get App Clips on your iOS and iPad. Therefore, we have mentioned a few of those things for the App Clips.

App Clips Code

You can find the QR codes. However, you can use the mobile camera to scan the code.

QR Codes

Codes for the App clips commonly available in the form of QR Codes, if you find any QR code that supports APP clips, you can simply scan using the QR Code scanner by opening the control centre your device. Moreover, the iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 4 doesn’t support the App Clips.

NFC-Integrated App Clips

The old version of the device that doesn’t support iOS 14 or iPadOS 14, which means you require an iPhone 6 series or newer device. We all know, NFC used to complete the payment wirelessly hence it was used for the same purpose means just hold the iPhone near NFC tag and tap to complete the payout.


There was an official website of the application which offers you to try the application without installing the application on your device. Which means directly open the website and try the app; if you like the app, you can simply download and install the app from the App store.


It also helps during navigation, and you can use the App Clip feature to navigate to some specific location. Whereas, it brings the information card on your Apple Maps or from the App clip link but only for supported locations.


App Clip also works with messages, shared link supported with the iMessage. 

How to use App Clips on iPhone and iPad.

You can use these app clips feature on your iPhone and iPad directly through a Safari, All you have to do mention in this article down below.

  • First, open your Safari browser on your device and Navigate to the page with App Clip feature. (For example, you can visit “Phoenix 2”.)
  • After that, at the top just down below the address bar, you will find a Strip with a button marking “Play.” Select the Play option.
  • Therefore, you will see an App Clip pop-up dialogue box, choose “Play” again.
  • Now, the game has been launched and once you test the game and if you like the game and want to install all you need to do now, click on the “Install Full Game.”
  • That’s it.

This is how you can use the App Clip feature on your iPhone or iPad device, there was a lot of popular websites and having support for the App clip feature. So check those out, and it initially gives you an idea about the application you wish to download.

How to View Recently use App Clip on your iPhone or iPad device.

It was also important that you can view the application that you have used before. It was quite simply to perform kindly follow the instruction mentioned down below. There were two different methods to check the recently used App Clip for your iPhone and iPad.

For iPhone

  • Starting with opening the App Library and head over to the “Recently Added” folder.
  • Now, there you will see the App Clips and there you can find the app clips having a dotted line around the app icon.

For iPad

Hence, the iPad doesn’t have the App Library feature, but you can still view the recently used App clip on your iPad, follow the following guide carefully. Additionally, you can use this method on your iPhone as well.

  • Starting with opening the Setting of your device and head over to the App Clips.
  • Now, there you will see your recently used App clips.

How to remove App Clip from your iPhone and iPad

These App clip stored on your device for 30 days, it gets automatically get deleted after in-activity, and these app doesn’t take a lot of space but if you still want to remove the app clip from your device.

  • Open your device setting and click on “App Clips.”
  • Then there you will find the App clips added on your device, in order to delete these tap on the App Clip and then tap on “Remove App Clip.”
  •  Also, you can tap on “Remove All Clips” if you want to delete all your App clips stored on your device.

List Apps and Website, Support app clips

  • CardPointers
  • QuitAnger: Anger Management
  • WaterMinder
  • Unwind
  • ChibiStudio
  • Phoenix 2
  • Kontax Cam
  • Ayurythm
  • SmartGym
  • SignEasy
  • Parcel
  • Pocket Lists
  • Top Dollar

So, this is how you can check out the application without installing the complete app on your device, and this was inspired by Android’s Instant Application. Not to mention, the number will continue to grow further with respect to time. Hopefully, these articles help you out and find this article helpful. So, thanks for being with us. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more further updates in future on same.