Marvell SWUpgrade is one of the most important tools during flashing firmware. Meanwhile mostly used when you decided to Revet back from your custom ROM to Firmware. Whereas, it used to allow you to flash new stock ROM (Firmware) or during the flashing on your device, which is powered by Marvell Chipset (SoC). Today, W is going to share a bit of knowledge with you about it so far.

How to use Marvell SwUpgrade Tool C Tool – Quick Guide

To use the Marvell SwUpgrade C Tool, you require to install or flash the stock ROMs (Firmware) on your device which is used to be powered by Marvell SoC. So let’s start the instruction so far.


Before you start proceeding the installing, Ensure you have a backup of your data because during this procedure your data will Wipeout, so it is recommended to take a proper backup of your personal data of your device.

Features of Marvell SwUpgrade C Tool

Here is all the basic feature of Marvell SwUpgrade C Tool, Check it out here.

Portable Application

It was having a portable application, which means you don’t require to install the application on your computer so far. Meanwhile, you need to download and extract the file on your computer. It will open the Marvell_SwUpgrade_C.exe file on your computer.

Flash Firmware

Not to mention, With the help of this tool, you can easily flash or install the ROMs (Firmware) on your device. Therefore, you need to download the right firmware for your device; hence it requires you to use the Marvell SwUpgrade Tool so far. Likely, you need to install the Marvell Driver and then launch the Toll then click on the BLF button. Now, Select to Locate the .bif file on your firmware folder and after that click on the play button to start the flashing the ROMs (Firmware) on your device.

Support Marvell Device

As expected, your device should be powered by Marvell Mobile platform, once you installed the Marvell Driver installed on your computer. In contrast, once the device has been device is connected then you can flash or install the ROMs (Firmware) on your device.

Support .bif format

This only support the .bif based stock firmware, Where the device is to be powered by Marvell mobile platform so you can proceed to be flashed or flashed on your device.

Download Marvell SwUpgade C Tool

This was compatible with all the windows version (based on X32 or x64), Follow the link to download the Marvell SwUpgrade C Tool.

Marvell SwUpgade C Tool

Download Marvell SwUpgrade C Tool Driver

It also requires Driver to proceed, Here it the Driver of Marvell SwUpgrade C Toll. Additionally, it was compatible with a Windows computer.

Marvell SwUpgrade C Tool Driver

How to use Marvell SwUpgrade C Tool – Quick Guide

  1. First thing first, download and install the Marvell USB Driver on your computer.
  2. Then, download the stock firmware (.bif) file on your Marvell based device.
  3. After that, Extract the Marvell SwUpgrade Tool on your computer and then extract the file using the tool.
  4. Now, Open the Marvell_SwUpgrade_C.exe and then launch the tool.
  5. Therefore, open the Marvell SwUpgrade and follow the on-screen instruction on your computer.
  6. Then, Click on the BLF button placed on the upper left corner of the screen.
  7. Now, Locate to the .bif firmware on your computer and then click on the open button.
  8. Then, Connect your Marvell based Mobile and then click on the play button to start the flashing or installation process.
  9. Furthermore, Click yes when the warning dialogue box appears on your desktop and after that installation process will start itself.
  10. After this, It appears green to success message.
  11. That’s it, Quite the Marvell SwUpgrade C Tool and disconnect the device from the computer.
  12. Restart the device after it, Enjoy.

We really hope this installation helps you a lot, and We would like to know your valuable opinion. Thanks for being with us, Share your feedback and opinion in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more further updates in future on same.