It is quite easier and quick to add PDF files on your Google Slides, so let’s check out how you can simply add PDF into Google Sliders. However, it was quite great with all its feature so without further delay let’s get into it.

How To Add A PDF Into Google Slides in 2021

There were multiple ways to add a PDF into Google Slides in 2021, Follow the following steps mention down below.

Convert the PDF into a JPG

  • Open a browser and then search for FREE PDF to JPG online convertor.
  • Now, Click on the Upload button and browse to local files and select it.
  • Simply, Click convert and download to save it on your computer.
  • That’s it, Now open Google Slides and insert the PDF file which you have to convert into JPG Format.

Insert PDF into Google Slides as Screenshot

  • Open Snipping Tool and then open the PDF file.
  • Now, Take a Screenshot and save it as JPG and save it on your PC.
  • Open the Google Slides and then simply insert the Image.
  • Follow the same action for other pages to insert into Google Slides.

Insert PDF into Google Slides as One Image With a Link

  • Open the Snipping Tool and then save the image into your pc.
  • Now, Open the Google Slide and then click on add the PDF by simply click on insert by click on the Link option to a context.
  • That’s it, add the URL and then add and used it to access that specific file.

Insert PDF using online Link

It is quite an effective method, which is available online. Simply, upload to its Google Drive/Dropbox and paste for public access. Likely, it will create a presentation slide so far.

  • Open Google Slide and then select a link
  • Enter the link into a PDF file and then that’s it.
  • You can still resize and adjust accordingly.