Android smartphone is been one of the most popular operating-system globally, one of the reasons was customization. Meanwhile, if you really want to use the Google Search bar Widget on your device’s home screen. There is a group of people, who recently purchased the device or are not used to android smartphones then here is the method that you can use.

This guide goes through, reinstalling the Google Search Bar in order to Google Search Bar widget on Android Smartphone On the other hand, you can also use the Google Search app for the same reason. So without further due, let’s check this article.

Google Search Bar Widget Missing on Android Smartphone

If you are using any third-party launcher which doesn’t support Google Search Widget then you need to search for the alternative launcher that supports Google Search Bar Widget. Follow the following instruction that will help you to fix this error and helps you with adding Google Search Bar Widget on your device’s home screen.

Add Google Search Bar Widget on Android

  • Long-press on blank space of the home screen.
  • Head over to the Widget option, which appears alongside Wallapaper and Home Settings.
  • Click on Widget and then Scroll to find the Widget list.
  • Click on Search (By Google Search App) and then placed it on the home screen.
  • Adjust and simply release it accordingly.
  • That’s it.

Add Browser Search Bar Widget on Home Screen

This is an alternative option, in case the Google Search Bar Widget doesn’t support your device launcher.

  • Long-press on blank Space of home screen.
  • Click on Widget and then scroll to find the Chrome Search Widget.
  • Simply select and then place it accordingly.
  • That’s it, Release the finger.

Use Google Assistant

If above mention guide doesn’t help you out then you need to simply use Google Assistant to search any query on Google. Here, you can wake up the Google Assistant by saying “Ok Google,” “Hey Google,” or some device even supports the long-press power for Google Assistant invoke. Additionally, Some headsets also support Google Assistant.

Hopefully, this guide helps you out and you have finally able to search/ use Google directly from your home screen.