Xbox is one of the most powerful console across the globe, The latest console Xbox Series X|S. Where players has allegedly reported the error occurring during updating the firmware showing the error “0xe0e8000f.” If you are getting the same error then check out the troubleshooting mention down below.

This error occurring with the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox X, Xbox one X, Xbox one S. Users are getting this error while checking for update so it wouldn’t affect the gaming or either feature. However, it potentially restrict users to received the latest features and security patch.

Fix: Xbox Error Code 0xe0e8000f

Restart the Console

It is one of the basic recommendation, where just restarting the device might fix the error occurring related to software. This is because, during software processing there might be some file skipped or doesn’t added during complication.

Meanwhile, you should restart your Xbox it might fix your Xbox Error. This might fix the cache issue or some system glitches, Rebooting the Xbox potentially fix the error. If it doesn’t fix then follow the next steps following.

Check Internet Connectivity

Checking update on console require to have internet connectivity, it might possible that internet connectivity got lost. Through which it showing the trouble connecting with the server. Ensure that your console is connected with internet, Check your internet speed.

Power Cycle your Router

It is a networking deice, in case if your internet start facing interent connectivity then it might be occuring because of temporary glitch from your networking device or might be because of your system from the router.

  • Power off your Wi-Fi Router and wait for the LED indicatory stop blinking.
  • After that unplug power-input from router.
  • Now, wait for couple of minutes and then re-plug the power-input.
  • Power on your Wi-Fi router and connect with Wi-Fi.
  • Re-Check the Xbox firmware update.
    Mostlikely, it will fix the problem if you are facing the same error then try next method.

Power Cycle your Xbox Console

It is quite identical with your power cycle your power, So here what you can do to resolve the temporary glitch and cache.

  • Power off your console and then wait unplug the power cable.
  • After wait for couple of minutes and then plug your console again.
  • Power on of your console and check the problem is resolve or not.

Check external drive

Ensure that your external drive is connected with your Xbox Console because in order to download the firmware update and installing it require storage option. Whereas, try to disconnect and reconnect the external hard-drive with your Xbox console.

Furthermore, if you still encountering 0xe0e8000f error code then you have to wait for the Microsoft to fix. Under the hood, it might takes couple of days to fix this error so keep patience.