Reportedly, Windows users are facing problems with Windows Explorer. In which when they right-click on Windows Explorer windows that window gets crashed. Meanwhile, it occurs because of some third-party program utilities so simply clearing might resolve this error. Today, we are going to share a bit of knowledge to help you with fixing Windows Explorer Crash on Right-Click.

How to Fix Windows Explorer Crashes after right-click issue.

First thing first, you need to clear your Explorer history in case it doesn’t work than simply use the System File Checker or get a clean boot. We have mentioned the following troubleshooting mention down below.

Clear Windows Explorer History

Windows stored the Windows File Explorer history, by clearing this you can fix it.

  • Open Control Panel and then click on the File Explorer option.
  • After that, There you will find “Clear File Explorer History.”
  • Right Click on the Clear button and click ok.

Now, Re-try the right-clicking option in Windows you might not get the Explorer crashes again.

Launch Folder Windows in a Separate Windows

There is a folder In which your Windows settings is been store, if that got crashed then here how you can resolve this

  • Open the Control panel and then click on the File Explorer option.
  • There, the “Launch Folder Windows in a separate Windows” option appears.
  • Meanwhile, there you will get the advanced Settings.
  • Click on the checkbox to enable it and then click Apply.
  • That’s it, Click ok to save changes.

Perform a Clean Boot

With the help of clean boot, you can fix a majority of Windows Crash issues. Follow the step-by-step troubleshooting.

  • Open Windows Run Dialog box, using Windows + R.
  • Enter, msconfig and hit enter.
  • Click on Services and then check the checkbox labeled as “Hide all Microsoft Services.”
  • Click on Disable ALL button and then head over to the Startup tab.
  • Now, Click on “Open Task Manager” and then click on the “Disable button every time.
  • Quite the task manager and then restart your computer.

Run the SFC Scan

SFC Scan stands for System File Checker, Which is a pre-built utility tool that scans for any missing or corrupted system file. If it found any such instance it will try to fix so how it could also fix this.

  • Open CMD and then run this command sfc /scannow
  • It will start scanning and once it is done, Restart your computer.

Run netsh winsock reset

You can use the Windows Command prompt to fix the Windows Explorer Crash issue.

  • Open Windows Command Prompt, use CMD.
  • Then, Enter the following command netsh winsock reset
  • It will start re-checking and it will fix automatically.
  • That’s it, Restart your computer.

Use a Third-Party Explorer Program

If above mention troubleshooting method doesn’t work, then you should use a third-party program. Hopefully, this guide helps you with fixing the Windows Explorer Crashes on right-click.