MLB The Show 21 is one of the most popular games published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and game developed by San Diego Studio. Whereas, it was quite an amazing League Baseball game. Players reportedly encounter error or bugs, Where players were not working in MLB The Show 21 within the game. If you are facing this error then you can fix it through patch update, Follow the following guide to resolve this issue.

Fix Road To The Show mission Not Working in MLB The Show 21

If you are new to this game, and earning XP or game progress doesn’t help to unlock new archetype and perk item. Simply, Follow the steps mention down below to unlock perk items.  You can simply resolve this error so without further delays let’s ride into this.

  • Exist the mission and then open the Main Menu.
  • Go to the Diamond Dynasty menu and head over to add your created player.
  • After that, add your player and then click on the single-player mode in Diamond Dynasty.
  • Now, select Play VS CPU and then simply play as Away team to get the bat first.
  • That’s it, Once your player hit the ball simply close and exit the game.
  • Although, Go to Road To The Show (RTTS) mission and complete another program.
  • That’s it, you can view your progress.

Hopefully, it will help you and you can be completing a program in RTTS mission to level up faster in MLB The Show 21.