Some users have lately reported that the MaxxAudio Pro doesn’t seem to be working, whereas if you don’t know, let me know you MaxxAudio Pro is a tool that helps to enhance the Audio. However, if you have encountered an error, glitch or anything, here is the guide that might helps you to fix this error. So, without further due let’s check the guide.

Fixes for the “MaxxAudio Pro Not Working Issue.”

It was quite easy to perform. Most likely, it refers to the Realtek Driver. Also, sometimes it occurs because of incompatibility with your System. So here is the following instruction that might help you fix the “MaxxAudio Pro Not Working issue.”

Deselect the Enabled auto pop-up dialogue

It was the most usual things to fix the “MaxxAudio Pro Not Working” issue; by enabling auto pop-up dialogue, you can fix this error.

  • Open File Explorer and then Navigate to the C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA.
  • Now, Locate Check for RtkNGUI64.exe and then open the Audio Manager application.
  • Click on Advanced Tab and then Click on Jack Information.
  • Now, Uncheck the checkbox the Enable auto pop-up dialogue when the device has been plugged in.
  • That’s it. Simply Check the error resolve if it fixed or not.

Rollback to Previous Windows 10 Update

Simply by uninstalling Windows 10, you can fix the error that occurs with your System. Here is the troubleshooting to fix the error. 

Ensure that you have created a backup/ restore point, following the following guide.

  • Open the Run Dialogue Box using Windows + R.
  • Then, Enter the rstui and hit enter.
  • Now, there it open System Restore. Simply click Next and then check the box “Show More Restore Point” to view the complete list.
  • Choose the Restore Point that you want to revert to, Rollback to choice of Windows 10 Version.
  • Click Next and then select Finish.

Rest the Waves MaxxAudio Pro UWP app

This is another major issue that could happen with your System, so simply reset the waves MaxxAudio Pro UWP application.

  • Open Settings and then head over to the apps.
  • Now, Select the WaveMaxxAudio Prop application.
  • After that, Click on Application Settings and then select Advanced Option.
  • Now, Select the Reset Button and Reset to confirm the changes you want to make.

Update Realtek Audio Driver

We all know that Driver makes the hardware works properly, so it is important that if there is any bug/error with the Driver, you must update the latest patch on your System. Meanwhile, simply check for the latest driver from the official website. Download the latest driver and install the update on your System.

Hopefully, this guide helps you to resolve the error on your System so far.