If you had a Kyocera Printer and, for some reason, your printer is not recognised on your computer. Not to mention, Kyocera is a well-known Printer company, but reportedly a lot of users encounter the error. While resolving the issue, we have analysed that most commonly, it occurs because of the outdated or corrupt driver, so updating it might resolve the issue. So without further due, let’s check this out.

Check USB Cable

It is important that you have connected your printer correctly with your computer. So, just re-plug your Printer into Computer. If you found any damage to it, simply replace it with a high-speed USB cable.

Use the Built-in Troubleshooting Option

Windows 10 comes with a pretty handy troubleshooting utility tool which helps to find out the several glitches and error. We suggest you check the Troubleshooting feature, so follow the step-by-step instruction mention down below.

  • Open Windows Settings and head over to the Device menu option.
  • Click on Printer & Scanner located on the left panel.
  • Under the Related Settings on the Right-Side panel, Click on Run the Troubleshooting.
  • It will start troubleshooting, and if it found any glitch or issue, it will try to solve it.
  • Follow the following on-screen suggestion.

Remove the Update KB5000802 from Windows 10

Recently, Microsoft rollout the Windows 10 update Version KB50000802, which reportedly shows the error with Kyocera Printer. Follow this guide to resolve the error.

  • Open the Windows Settings and head over to the Update & Security.
  • There, Click on Windows Update and Navigate to the right panel to select the View Update History.
  • Click on Uninstall update and then Check for the Security Update For Microsoft Windows (KB5000802).
  • Simply, Uninstall the update and then click yes.
  • That’s it, Restart your computer.

Suspend Windows update

In case the problem has been done by Windows Update, then Microsoft supposes to release the patch to resolve this issue. But for now, if the above method work, then you need to disable the windows update. So here are the steps to check and enable the Windows Update.

  • Open Windows Settings and then head over to the Update & Security.
  • Navigate to Windows update on Left-panel.
  • Click on Pause Update for 7 Days.

Alternatively, You can pause the update from the Advance Option.

  • Open Advance Option on the same Windows Page.
  • Expand the Menu, and from that list, several options appear.
  • Check the date to update. That’s it.

Update your Printer Device’s Driver by using Dedicated Software

It is always important first to check with the first-party driver, and you can download the latest driver from the manufacture website. Simply, Download and install the driver on your computer. On the other hand, you can also check with the help of third-party software such as driver booster. Once you update your driver check if your Kyocera Printer not Recognised is resolve or not.

Hopefully, this will help you to fix the error occurring with your printer. We believe this guide helps you. If you have any query share them with us in the comment section down below.