First Class Trouble is the latest and modern asymmetrical third-party multiplayer game, Survival Genre, developed by Invisible Wallas and published by Versus evil this year. The primary aim of the game is to take down the AI to win the game. However, some players have reported the game showing the Shutting Down Server Error.

If you are also experiencing the same error, then follow the following guide. As the game was launched recently, it had minor bugs and error, so keep patience allow developers to release the patch update for a stable and better gameplay experience.

How to Fix First Class Trouble Server Shutting Down

This is a quite common error, which restricts the player from joining the session. Suppose you have encountered the “Server Shutting Down…. Seconds” error. This error automatically kicks out the player from the lobby.

For this, you can exit and game and try to join another lobby, but because of some error, players could not invite other players from their friend list. If you were entering into another match, you would invite friends within the main menu screen.

Some players suggested that you should close the game as soon as possible if you receive this error. Although, the default server shutting down begin from 30 seconds.

Is There Any Server downtime?

Currently, there is no notice we have received. Hence there isn’t any maintenance period is happening in the background. It might also be possible that if you and your friend receiving this error, then the Server Downtime occurs within your region or possible any service outage.

You can check for the real-time Server from their official Twitter handle. There you will also get notified about any patch update, server downtime or other notice. On the other hand, you can exit the game and re-try with the matchmaking or check for the update.

Hopefully, the problem gets resolved, or if not, check any other online game. If it was also showing the same, then there might be a problem at the backend so far.