Assassin Creed is one of the most popular games across the globe. While it is quite enjoyable, some players have recently reported Lag, FPS Drops, Stuttering, and more. So today, we will share a guide that will help you to fix this kind of problem.

This Guide will help you with Fixing Lagging and increase FPS (Frames Per Second) for the Assistant Credd Valhalla using quick and easy steps. Before continuing, we will share with you more things that can improve overall game performance instead of in-game graphics settings, which helps you reduce lag. Additionally, Graphics settings depend upon your PC configuration (Depend on Graphics Card), so it is always better to focus on another aspect.

Assassins Creed Valhalla Lag Fix, Lagging And Stuttering, FPS Boost

Ensure that you follow all the procedure carefully, and surely it will improve your gaming performance. So. Let into this without any further ado.


It is one of the most important things, and this is because Clean booting refreshes your hardware and software of your PC. We will guide you step-by-step so follow exactly because it can potentially damage your PC. Also, You should know troubleshooting before performing this. AndroidGreek will not be responsible for any damage while performing this.

Advantage of Clean Booting

  • It helps to restarts all components of your system.
  • Fix all basic error/glitch/conflicts occur with any software
  • Boost/ Reduce system start time.

How to Clean Boot in Windows 10

  • Open Windows Run dialogue box, using Windows + R.
  • Enter MSConfig, and hit enter
    • Msconfig stands for Microsoft Configuration.
  • Now a new window will appear. Click on “Selective Startup.”
    • Untick Load Startup item 
  • After that, Go to Boot Services, open Task Manager and Click on hide all Microsoft service.
    • It is located on the bottom-left corner of the Window.
  • Then, Click on Disable all and enable all AMD/Intel services.
    • You can also skip the above step if you don’t have any idea.
  • After this, Go to Startup and disable every startup expected audio driver.
    • Click on Status to check which app service is enabled for the startup.
  • Now, Click on Apply and then select OK to save all changes.
  • That’s it, Restart your PC 

After this, You can re-enable the startup you require and set the General to “Normal Startup” again. Therefore, Go to service and then Hide all Microsoft Service and Check for the services.

Tweak Graphics Settings

For this, you need to change your Windows Graphics Settings. To this, Follow the following instructions mention down below.

  • Open Graphics Settings. You can also use the Windows Search tool to find.
  • Then, if Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling is enabled, Toggle it to enable it.
  • After this, click “Choose an app to set preference.”
  • Browser the game file and then Select Option by clicking on the Game.
  • After this, Choose Graphics Performance.
  • Select the High Performance.
  • That’s it, Save the settings and Restart your PC.

Alternatively, Manual Graphics Settings

  • Right-Click on your Black space of the Desktop.
  • Then, head over to NVIDIA Control Panel/AMD Control Panel.
  • Go to Program Setup and Select select the Game.
  • After that, Select High-Performance.
  • Therefore, under 3, you will find the Power Management tool.
  • Select the prefered Maxximum performance.
  • Click on apply and Restart your PC.

Cleaning and Optimizing

We will tell our PC to run a Specific Game Mode while playing the Game with this method. For this, we also going to take the help of third-party software. Search for any PC Optimizer and use it to cleaning and optimization your PC. Make Sure you download the software from a reputed source. For this, you can use IObit Advanced System Care, Which uses the clean and fix all error so far.

Tweak, Advanced Settings

  • Open Windows Explorer and then Right-Click on This PC.
  • Then, Click on Properties and Navigate to the left panel to click on Advanced System Settings.
  • Go to Advanced, and from there, click on Performance Setting.
  • Click on Adjust for Best Performance.
  • Click on Apply and Click on Advanced there, select Program.
  • After that, Click on Changes and uncheck “Automatically Manage program files for all drives.”
  • Now, Browser your Game and Select Custom Size
  • Enter the Value, 
    • Enter the Minimum and Mixxium according to your PC configuration.
  •  Click on OK, then Reset your PC.

Clear Temporary Files

This will clear your glitches, unwanted, and minor glitches.

  • Open Windows Run Dialogue Box, use Windows + R.
  • Enter Temp and hit enter.
  • Delete all your temporarily files permanently.
  • Therefore, Now again, open Windows Run Dialogue Box use Windows + R.
  • Now, Enter %TEMP% and hit Enter.
  • Again, Delete all temporary files.
  • Lastly, Open Window Explorer and Navigate to c:\Windows\
  • Locate the Preferences, open them and delete them.
  • That’s it.

Change Game Priority

For this, we suppose you downloaded the Game from Steam or if you have another launcher, do the same action. With this, your Game will show a significant boost through gaming performance.

  • Open Assassins Credd Valhalla and then press the ALT + Tab key Simunatelously.
    • While minimizing the Game.
  • After the task, open Task Manager and then select the Game from there.
  • Click on Details and then Select its .exe file.
  • Now, Set the Priority to high.
  • That’s it.

Update Driver

Your PC must install the latest driver, Including the Display adapter, Network and others. So, for this, you can use Driver Booster or any other third-party driver updater accordingly, which can help you with scanning and install the update automatically for you.

Hopefully, we believe that these guides help you and fix all your problem related to the Game.