FAU-G has officially launched in India, where at the first glance the game seems to be quite identical to the PUBG Mobile. FAU-G is completely developed in India, and PUBG Mobile completely revalorized the gaming industry in India.

There are a lot of queries floating around, unlikely the PUBG Mobile recently ban in India. Today, we are going to compare the two-game FAU-G VS PUBG Mobile.

Game Mode: FAU-G vs PUBG Mobile

This is the basic difference, FAU-G doesn’t have the online multiplayer battle royal game while PUBG Mobile have online multi-player. FAU-G is all about the single-person campaign mode although storyline.

According to nCore Games, FAU-G will add online multiplayer mode in a future update. Therefore, FAU-G doesn’t have a single-person campaign mode.

Combat style: FAU-G vs PUBG Mobile

This is the core difference between these two games, whereas the FAU-G used to fight with hand-only alongside weapons like spiked bats, axes, etc. Furthermore, PUBG Mobile primarily is a shooting game that includes melee weapons. You can expect the FAU-G battle royal game will have more interesting shooting.

Locations: FAU-G vs PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is based upon the fictional location, while FAU-G is based on the story of Galwan Valley. Therefore, the FAU-G is most likely to be a complete storyline and inspired by real-life incident. On the other and, PUBG Mobile don’t have any story either doesn’t based on real-life incident.

Availability: FAU-G vs PUBG Mobile

FAU-G recently launched in India on Android via Google Play Store but iOS users have to wait for the release on App store. Under the hood, PUBG Mobile is been banned in India and the game is not expected to launch anytime soon.