FAU-G is officially launched in India, and the games seem to be quite identical with its first glance. Meanwhile, the games were developed in India and Free Fire most likely to be one of the most popular games globally.

There were a lot of key features and queries have been there after the because both the game were quite good with a low-end smartphone. Today, We are going to share a bit of comparison between two games FAUG vs Garena Free Fire.

Game Mode: FAU-G vs Free Fire

It is a basic difference between these two games, Where FAU-G is based on a storyline with its hand-only fight and weapons such as spiked bats, axes, etc. Therefore, Free Fire was primary a shooting game featuring an online multiplayer game.

Not to mention, FAU-G is an offline single-person campaign mode game. FAU-G was developed by nCore Games, and Free Fire is developed by Garena.

Combat style: FAU-G vs Free Fire

There is a core difference between these two games, Where FAU-G focused on hand-only and weapons include spiked bats, bats, axe, etc. In contrast, Free Fire primary focus on shooting online multiplayer game mode with a full flashed battle royal game. It will be quite interesting to see the battle royal mode for the game contain more interesting shooting.

Location: FAU-G vs Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is completely a fictional game, While FAU-G is based on the storyline of Galwan Valley. Although, the game FAU-G is inspired by real-life incident compare to the Free Fire based upon fictional location.

Character: FAU-G vs Free Fire

FAU-G game character only have the soldier yet to choose from, while Free Fire have alot of character including popular personalites, You can purchase the in-game item through the in-game purchase alongside outfits, skins and more.

Availability: FAU-G vs Free Fire

Recently launched game, FAU-G is available to download on both Android and iOS. Evermore, the Garena Free Fire is availed for free to download on Android and iOS.