There is an update in the Samsung galaxy labs, launched in 2019. The Samsung Galaxy Labs 2.0 Suite has already awesome features to optimize the device. This update will more optimize the device featuring Good Lock to Galaxy Labs 2.0 Suite. The good lock is also a suite that acquires modules designed to pull every feature of the UI of Galaxy device such as, recent menu, notification panel and much more to customize the potential of your device.

The galaxy labs contain the same feature to improve the functionality of your devices such as storage cleaner, app booster, and much more. Moreover, In the current update of the app with more optimization of device performance such as; Thermal Guardian, Memory Guardian and much more. This update is based on Android 11. These features will guide you to use your RAM of the device in a better way for the long life of the device. The galaxy labs version 2.0 app has ended with much more exciting features. Ahead in this article, we will discuss all updates of galaxy labs in depth!

Galaxy Labs App Gets Two New Modules With The Latest Update

The Memory Guardian helps you to overview your device’s RAM and will guide you to manage the RAM on your device. Moreover, It will provide you with whole data through charts to clear the waste data from the device.

The Battery Guardian is the next version of the battery tracker. It optimizes all apps to boost their apps.
The Thermal Guardian is updated from the One UI 13. It controls the CPU performance for providing desirable output. The File Guardian helps to restore the deleted files. This app supports both external and internal storage of your device. The App Booster will optimize your device’s apps and boost app performance.

In-Depth – Memory Guardian

The Memory Guardian has been a different update in the Galaxy labs after 2019. The users are also excited to use this feature to optimize the device. It will basically permit you to overview the needful tasks demanding your phone’s RAM.

The Memory Guardian has been designed in such a way, It enhances the memory management of the device. It enhances the memory by providing the data usage in historic form chart of one-week. It will give you all details in data usage such as; cache, system memory, running, and a few more.

Hence, Samsung Memory is indirectly trying to give you the best memory management in their device.

  • Battery Guardian
  • In comparison, The Battery Guardian is a new version of the battery with few updates features. It controls the device with some features such as;
  • Enable the power-app saving in every app.
  • Quickly dim the display, If not using.
  • Limits the background activity and CPU usage, If fall asleep.
  • These factors help to optimize the device for improving the device’s life.
  • Thermal Guardian

The thermal Guardian is also another feature that catches the user’s attention. It manages the temperature of the device CPU and performance. It will display the performance through the graph or slider and will inform you to manage when the device shows throttle performance.

The Thermal Guardian helps you operate the device’s temperature by one degree or two degrees. The user will adjust it according to the performance of the CPU such as; User can lower the degree for making the CPU throttle earlier whereas higher degrees to access additional performance on increasing the temperature.

Although, The thermal guardian will provide you with the reasons for heating issues in the device. The user can tap on the “indicated points” on the temperature graph to analyze the details.

App Booster

The App Booster enhances app performance by optimizing apps. Basically, It aims to Optimize all apps of the device. The process of optimization takes a few minutes and maybe longer. But, It is unclear to everyone about the process of optimizing the apps.

The app booster helps to enhance device performance and keep the device stable.

File Guardian

The File Guardian helps to restore the permanently deleted files from the device. It will restore all files, Either is in internal storage or external.

Battery Tracker

The battery tracker helps you to track the battery usage of your device. It basically offers you more than what is available in the Android battery menu app. This is available on Android 10 One UI 2.0. It will provide you with brief data of the last 7 days from the full charge of the device.

Download the Galaxy Labs 2.0 Suite

Downright here the Samsung Galaxy Labs 2.0 Suite in support of one UI 3.0 based on Android 11.

Samsung Galaxy Labs|Galaxy Store link (Only for Samsung Users)

   From Galaxy Store

This Galaxy lab is only usable in limited regions such as North America (USA & Canda), Europe (Germany & UK) and Asia (India). If you didn’t found on Galaxy Store then you can sideload this using the APK link.

Galaxy Labs| APK Download Mirror

   Download APK Galaxy Lab 2.0

Download Galaxy Lab 2.0 Modules