Pubg Mobile is one of the most popular games globally, whereas it contributed a lot to the Indian gaming industry. Immediately after the launch of the game, it became the most popular battle royal game followed by Free Fire and COD: Mobile. According to reports, the game itself generated billion dollars in 2020.

Recently, PUBG Mobile 1.2 has been released with Season 17 featuring a Runic Power. Pubg Corp has released the Public BETA for its upcoming PUBG Mobile 1.3 Update also they were preparing about their 3rd Anniversary event. Today, We are going to share a bit of knowledge to help you with downloading and installing the PUBG Mobile 1.3 beta for Android and iOS.

What’s New – PUBG Mobile 1.3 BETA

There were a lot of major changes and improvements likely to be coming with the upcoming update, so before you download the game, you should check out the features adding to the Pubg Mobile 1.3. Additionally, the patch note of the game was also surfaced online. Not to mention, the game will bring some new challenges, mission, skins and enhanced gaming experience.

Pubg Mobile has released its beta version of 1.3, Which will add two new map, two new weapons, new vesicle and more to the game. However, there isn’t any scheduled launch date of the game, but you can be expected the game might be launch before the end of March. Check out the complete patch notes and feature which will debut with the battle royal.

Classic Map – Karakin

Karakin will be the sixth map after Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, VIkendi and Livik, based on the coast of North Africa. Whereas the map was officially scheduled to tease earlier on PMGC (Pubg Mobile Global Championship 2020), but due to delays, it doesn’t tease yet. Furthermore, other map measured as 8x8km for Miramar and Erangel, 6×6 for Vikendi and Sanhok measured as 4×4 Map.

The dimension of the map measured as 2X2Km makes it the smallest map compare to other maps. In which only 64 players can participate to accommodate for the gameplay and resources. The map is designed keeping the fast-paced gameplay like Sanhok with Miramar UI. Moreover, it also features a Demolition Zone, also known as the Purple Zone.

Purple Zone

The new mechanic will be added to the game, Purple zone, better known as Demolition Zone. Which will be added to the Karakin’s map makes the gameplay more aggressive. You can assume this map as an upgraded version of the Red Zone. The difference is that it affects the building means you have to leave the building.

The demolition of the building inside the purple zone will warn the players through an alarm zone to escape immediately from the area on the Mini-Map process in real-time and randomly on bombard the building.

Thin Wall

This feature was quite popular with the popular game like Call of Duty Series, Pubg is likely to adopt this feature. Whereas, this will allow the bullet to travel through walls but with a certain range. Not to mention, it not like makes the wall transparent, but it most as a bullet can potentially damage the enemies hiding behind certain walls.

Sticky Bomb

This is the addition of a new throwable weapon, but it will exclusively available to the Karakin map. You can use it to stick the bomb in order to destroy the walls. Tencent’s also used to create a specific location which can only accessible by blowing up the walls. Additionally, it will add more range and angle to fight with the enemies makes it more aggressive gameplay.


The new rocket launcher, Which having damage rang up to 6m, but it was a rare weapon comes with a special drop and only available in Karakin. In which you can use it to damage certain walls like Sticky bomb. Panzerfaust gives significant damage to all player within its range from the 6m of the impact point.

On the other hand, Players can adjust to shooting 60, 100 or 150m according to their preference. While using the Panzerfaust player need to pay attention whether there are any friends behind you or either any walls. This is because while launching the rocket, it damages surrounding within three meters.

Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle

All new firearms, it will only spawn in the Erange and Vikendi map. This new weapon works with 7.62mm bolt-action sniper rifle identical to the Kar98K. The advantage of using this is it faster but it lost it’s damage while travelling to distance.

Motor Glider

It was already debuted in the PUBG Console and PC version last year, now it’s coming to the Mobile version of the game. However, this is the first-air fly vehicle but it only carries 2-person at a time. Only passenger player can use its weapons and it requires a certain speed to take-off.

Motor Glider consume a lot of fuel most likely it consumes fuel according to the height and the speed of travel. It is better to carry on some fuel during motor glider and enjoy the gliding.

Code-C – Heven Map

A new arena map appears with the codename CODE-C likely release with the name “Heven.” In contrast, it was primary focused on sniper lover only because it only allows to use the Sniper. It gives extremely fast-paced gameplay with categorized guns like SMG and Sniper Rifle.

Download PUBG Mobile 1.3 BETA – Guide

Check out the download and installation instruction to avoid any error, Step-by-step instruction to download the game for your device. Download PUBG Mobile 1.3 BETA package for both Android and iOS.


  • It is recommended to use Wi-Fi or Stable cellular connectivity to avoid error or corrupt file.
  • If the package can’t be installed, uninstall the previous version and re-installed the package.

Download PUBG Mobile BETA 1.3 for Android

  • Download the APK from the button above, Choose according to your preference.
  • After that, enable the “Unknown Source Installation” from the device settings. You can navigate to the Settings > Privacy & Security > Enable the Unknown Source Installation. If it shows apps, enable for your browser.
  • That’s it, Once it installed launch the game and login to PUBG Mobile 1.3 BETA

Download PUBG Mobile BETA 1.3 for iOS

  • Open the download button in your Safari.
  • Now, Enable the “Trusted Certificates” from the device settings. Navigate to Settings > General > Trusted Certificate and Done.
  • Install the game, after installing login to the game.