The latest and hottest game, Escape from Tarkov, have seen net players to its game, whereas the game doesn’t make officially available on Steam or the Epic Store available to purchase. In contrast, most of the gamers and players were looking first over Steam or the Epic Store.

However, the game was available to download from its official game website. Currently, the game is available in BETA and it gonna take some time to be stable and will be available to play and download from Steam or the Epic Store.

How to Download Escape From Tarkov on PC

You need to download the game from its official website and install the Battlestate game Launcher to purchase the game. Follow the step-by-step instruction mention down below.

   Pre-Order Escape From Torkov

  • Go to, and their banner appears with mentioning the game is available in BETA.
  • Now, Click on it to open the pre-order page.
  • Select the Edition from Standard, Left Behind, Prepare for Escape, and The Edge of Darkness.
  • Complete the payment by following the on-screen wizard.
  • Now, login with your account and then install the Battlestate Game Launcher.
  • Now, Select the game to install and wait for download (Depends upon the Game Size and your internet.)
  • That’s it.

Hopefully, we believe that this helps you out, and you have successfully downloaded the game. Currently, the game is available in BETA, and once you pay for the BETA later, you don’t have to pay for the stable version of the game.