Nowadays, Webcam is one of the most important things whereas if you having a problem with your Webcam. So, if you have encountered a problem with your Dell Camera in Windows 10, then here is the quick guide that will help you to fix Dell Camera. So without further delays, let’s check this out.

How to Fix the “Dell Camera Not Working in Windows 10” issue?

Most commonly, Webcam not working because of the outdated driver or don’t have permission. Check the following step-by-step guide.

Allow Webcam: Give your app permission.

Recently, Windows 10 release an update in which the camera need permission to be used by any application. So, Give permission to your app for using a camera.

  • Open Windows Settings and Navigate to Privacy.
  • Navigate to the Left Panel, Select Camera option and then Click on Camera access for this device.
  • Click on, after that, toggle to enable “Allow apps to access your camera.”
  • Once you enable it, Select the Microsoft Store app that you want to give permission to.
  • That’s it.

Update Webcam driver

As have mentioned, the problem could also appear because of outdated or missing driver from your system. So, you need to install/update the driver of your Webcam.

  • First thing first, you can find out the Webcam diver from your manufacture.
  • Simply head over to the Dell Driver Support page.
  • Download the driver and install it on your computer.

Alternatively, you can use the driver update solution automatically.

  • Open Run Dialogue box, using Windows + R.
  • After that, Enter devmgmt.msc and hit enter.
  • Now, Device Manager will open and then Double click on Device Manager in order to expand the camera/ imaging device.
  • After that, Right-Click on Camera Driver.
  • Select Update driver and follow the on-screen wizard to download and install the driver.
  • That’s it.

Reinstall Webcam Driver

In case your driver might get corrupted, you need to reinstall the webcam driver on your computer. For this, follow the following steps mention down below.

  • Open Run Dialogue box, using Windows + R.
  • Now, Enter devmgmy.msc and then hit enter to open Device Manager.
  • Double on Device manager to expand Camera/ Imaging option menu.
  • Right-Click on Camera Device, Select Uninstall device.
  • Click on uninstall and then restart your computer.
  • After the restart, your Windows will automatically start downloading and install the missing driver, which includes the Webcam driver.
  • That’s it.

Check Antivirus Software

It might also be possible that your third-party antivirus might be creating conflict with your app permission and access. This might include a webcam issue so just try disabling the antivirus temporarily to check if your Webcam works without Antivirus. If you found a problem with Antivirus, then tweak some settings and try again.

Hopefully, we believe that this article might help you out with resolving the Dell Camera Not Working in Windows 10.