If you were running YouTube Channel or want to re-name your YouTube Channel name, yes, you can change your YouTube Channel name directly from your YouTube Profile. This means you no longer can directly need to make the change from your Google account. Earlier, you need to change the YouTube Channel name from Google Account, which later reflected on your YouTube Channel name.

It was so far so good because you no longer require to go through Google Service. Hence you can now separate channel name exclusive use of the Video-sharing platform. So, without further due, let’s check this out.

Change YouTube Channel name from Desktop.

  • Open YouTube on your web browser and log in to your YouTube Channel.
  • Click on Channel Profile and then select YouTube Studio.
  • Navigate to the upper-left corner and then scroll down to customization.
  • Select Basic info and then click on edit (Pencil icon) beside YouTube Channel name to edit and update it accordingly.
  • That’s it. Confirm the channel name and then navigate to the upper-left corner click on Publish.

Steps to Change the Profile Picture

Similar, now you also don’t require to change the Google Account Profile Picture. Now you can change the profile picture directly from the YouTube Channel so far.

  • Open YouTube Studio and click on Profile Picture.
  • Navigate to the upper-left and click on Branding Tap.
  • Upload the picture, which you want to replace and then adjust the placement.
  • Resize or retract the picture accordingly.
  • That’s it. Once you are done, click on Publish to make a new profile picture.

Changing YouTube Channel Name and Profile Picture From Smartphone

  • Open your YouTube and log in to your channel.
  • Select Profile Picture, and then click on your channel.
  • Click on Edit Channel and Select Pencil icon beside your channel name.
  • Type a new name and then click ok to save changes.

Additionally, to change the profile picture, simply select the camera icon. Select the icon and browser image and choose a new profile. Once you were done with the placements, simply tap on saving to make changes. Hopefully, this guide will help you update YouTube Chanel name and profile without going through Google Account name.