If you end up here from a search, we are sorry to hear about your Apple AirPods has been stolen hence AirPods became the status symbol because of its premium price segment. AirPods were more vulnerable because it doesn’t unlock anything such as iCloud Activation Lock. However, from the time your AirPods has been stolen, you might be wondering if thieves can use your stolen Airpods.

As it was easier for them to stole your Airpods more easily than anyone else, but it is not similar to using any ordinary Bluetooth headsets. This is because the Airpods require

case in order to pair with any device unlikely they can’t pair a stolen Airpods with any other device. Today, We are going to share some knowledge with you about potential thieves were able to use your Airpods easily.

How can someone use your Stolen AirPods?

There are multiple scenarios, and thief steal your AirPods easily can pair to a different iPhone, but it not easy. What we can assume that you didn’t lose your AirPods with Case because it was painful to connect without a case. Also, theif need to put both the Airpods on the same case, which means the thief can’t use the AirPods without pairing them with their Phone. At this point, Thieve can’t use your AirPods.

Thieve can not charge your AirPods

Obviously, AirPods require charging, and without the case, he/she wouldn’t be able to charge the AirPods. Again, until the theory doesn’t have the case, it will even not charge. Not to mention, he requires to have the same model AirPods, and it’s the case to charge the AirPods. This means they can still use any other AirPods case to connect with another iPhone.

Furthermore, Apple doesn’t seel separate AirPods case, and he also needs to use the same case model so he could end up with arranging the AirPod case or just a waste for him.

Track your Stolen AirPods

The best tool to track your Stolen iPhone is Find My App, which help you through signing in to iCloud and if your device has been paired to a device you can watch alongside other devices. Whenever your device is connected, you can track them or require the battery to be remain.

The Find MyApp utilizing the Map and allow you to play music which helps you to locate them. If your device is offline, it will show the last location of your AirPods.

What if your AirPods lost with case

This point, he can simply use your AirPods by simply reset the AirPods using the Pair button placed on the case. But he also requires to purchase the charger, and he can purchase an official charger.

Use Third-Party Accessories to track or Lock your AirPods Case.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any track accessories for your AirPods, and there is no way that allows for tracking or either lock your Airpods.

All you can do is the report to the police, or if you haven’t insurance, then you have to pay for the replacement. Hopefully, these articles help you to get some idea about this. Thanks for being with us. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share with us in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more further updates in future on same.