It is one of the most common errors encounters by users in Windows, the Bad Sector usually occurs in one disk of your drives or flash memory. This might permanently damage your Windows System so there is a way to fix this bad sector. So, without further due let’s check it out.

Fix: Bad Sectors in Windows 10

There is a way to fix the hard drive bad section, but because of this, you might damage your saved data. However, you can still try to restore the drive. So here is the following method, which you can try to fix scan for the bad sector.

Scan for bad sector

First, you need to scan your hard disk for the bad sector, here are two different ways to fix it.

  • Right-click on the Hard Driver.
  • Select the properties and then click Tools.
  • From there, click on check and then start scanning a drive.


  • Open CMD and then enter chkdsk /F /R hit enter.
  • It will start scanning your drive.

Once the scan is complete can check the following if it detected something unusual. Not to mention, Windows will not fix itself you need to use troubleshooting method/

Use Third-Party Software

There could be various factors behind the Hard Disk bad section including System error, Malware, overheating, old HDD or might be some other. Although, you can check for any third-party data recovery software that can resolve the bad sector.

Fix disk error using CMD (Command prompt)

We have mentioned above the method to check using CMD, apart from checking you can fix disk error using CMD. Follow the following instructions mention down below.

  • Open CMD and then enter chkdsk C: /f (Replace C with Disk error drive)
  • Now it will start scanning if it found some error it will display.
  • After that, it will repair the logical issue and then enter /r in order to repair.
  • Re-Run the parameter chkdsk D: /r and then press enter for the other drives.
  • That’s it.

Use Drive Manufacture utility

Manufacture knew the error and they also release the utility for extended support. So, try to fix the bad sector of your drive with the help of Drive Manufacture Utility. Follow the following guide mention down below.

  • Disconnect your Damaged hard Drive and re-connect using an appropriate USB adapter.
  • Now, Use the Manufacture Drive utility and follow the on-screen wizard to set up.
  • Once it was done, first try to clone the damaged driver to another driver.
  • That’s it.

Hopefully, this guide will help you out and have fixed the bade sector in Windows 10.