Android smartphones are well-developed in terms of battery management, but still, if you have encounter quick battery draining then you have to check which app is using your battery resource. So, far Display usually uses the most battery on Android here is the quick way to fix the battery draining issue.

How do see which application is draining the battery in an Android phone or Tablet?

Android has a wide range of OEM, Which uses their own custom skin so the settings and the option might be placed differently. So here is a quick knowledge that can potentially help you to figure out which apps are draining your battery.

How to open the battery usage Screen?

Follow the step-by-step guide, that will helps you to figure out which apps are using the battery a lot.

  • Open Settings and then Search for battery using the Search bar.
  • Now, From there it will show you the battery usage page.
  • In order to check the complete list of apps/ hardware using the battery.
  • It will show all the apps alongside usages of the battery.
  • To check the Hardware and System service, Click on Show Full Device usages.
  • Check the services and take action accordingly.

In order to prevent the battery from extensively use we don’t recommend rooting your device. Meanwhile, if you are using any different ROM apart from your device stock ROM then either the ROM is not optimized. You can solve this by updating your ROM to the latest version.

Hopefully, you have found out which app is using the more battery and you will make some tweaks and changes to improve the battery usage of your device.