DITO launched it’s SITO SIM in Phillippines, Cebu, or Davo City, so if you have purchased the DITO SIM, Which cost ~40 PHP without any offer. So, After purchasing the SIM, you need to activate your SIM to use it. So, here is the following guide that will help you out.

How to Activate and Load DITO SIM

It is quite easy. Follow the Step-by-step instructions mention down below.

Activate the Internet (APN) on your DITO SIM

It is important because if your device is non-compatible, then your internet will not work. So, by changing the APN settings, you are ready to go.

  • Open Device Settings and head over to the Connection.
  • Click on Mobile Network and then Click on APN (Acess Point Name.
  • Change the APN. Here you go
    • Name: DITO PH
    • APN: the interent.dito.ph
  • In case, above APN doesn’t work for you, here you go.

I Hope you have set this up on your device. Now let’s activate the DITO sim card?

After activation, you can use your internet/call/text message functionality. So simply insert the SIM on your device SIM Slot and then you will receive the Welcome Message from DITO. After that, there will become a download app recommendation, which will help you to set up APN, which we have done before this.

Not to mention, you can’t download it from Google Play Store. Meanwhile, in order to use download the app using the Welcome message link to access DITO service features.

How to Load DITO SIM Card?

You can use the official DITO application. Follow the following instruction mention down below.

  • Open the DITO app and then Click on LOAD.
  • Now, Enter the amount/ Select the plan of your choice.
  • Click on the Load button and then Select the Payment option.
  • Tap on Pay, and that’s it.

Hopefully, this guide helps you, and you have successfully able to activate and load your DIM Sim on your smartphone.